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Alexa LogoWe always try to improve our blogs or websites so that we can gain the interest of our visitors as well as advertisers because a website with a good amount of traffic and popularity can earn you a handsome income and also can give you an online presence.

Nowadays due to tough competition among the websites we always try to provide best content to our visitors and visitors also keep looking for good websites. If your website is not user friendly, have poor content or it doesn’t look professional then visitors will skip your website within few seconds and also, it may happen that they might not return back to your site in future. So, in every aspect we have to make our site better, popular and professional.

Alexa rank gives a measure of a website’s popularity. So, if a blog or website have good Alexa rank then visitors feel confident while entering the site and also advertisers will take interest in the website.

Frankly speaking in my one and a half year of blogging experience i have even seen many ad networks which consider Alexa rank as one of the important factor to approve/disapprove any website. Some ad networks approve only those websites that have Alexa rank under 100k or 200k. So, having a good Alexa rank for your website is always beneficial in many ways.

There are lots of benefits of having good Alexa rank that i will discuss later in this article. Basically there are two things that most of regular internet users check to find out a website’s popularity are:

  1. Google PageRank
  2. Alexa Traffic Rank

Attaining a good Google PageRank is difficult but attaining a good Alexa Rank is not that tough. So, in this article i will focus only on Alexa traffic rank. But before i start telling you the ways to improve Alexa Rank, it would be better for you to understand “What Is Alexa Rank ?“, “How Alexa Rank Is Determined ?” and “Importance Of Alexa Rank“.

Some people think that Alexa doesn’t define a proper rank for a website because sometimes we see that some websites with low or average traffic attains better Alexa rank whereas websites with high amount of traffic attains an average Alexa Rank. So, in this article i will also try to resolve this issue and tell you why this happens ?.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank ?

As i already said Alexa Traffic Rank is a rough measure of a website’s popularity. Alexa Rank is determined on the basis of the past three months performance of a website.

How Alexa Rank Is Determined ?

Alexa uses an algorithm which considers various factors like number of visitors, page-views, time spent by visitors on the site, number and quality of back-links, bounce rate etc.

Alexa Rank is determined for a period of past three months. But the major thing that most of the people don’t know is,  Alexa considers or counts only those visitors that have already Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.

Let me clear it properly, if a visitor has Alexa toolbar installed in his/her web browser and he/she visits your site then Alexa will count it as a visitor to your site and if he/she doesn’t have Alexa toolbar installed in his/her browser then it will not count it as visitor. And that is reason why some blogs or websites rank high in Alexa even after having average traffic.

For example: Suppose you have a website which provides essays, jokes, wishes, quotes etc in short your website is not visited by professional internet users but receive high traffic whereas another website which is about SEO or provides some blogging tools but it receives an average traffic.

In this case your website will rank low because most of the visitors of your site are normal visitors and they do not have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers whereas in other case most of the visitors will be professional visitors and therefore, most of them have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers and because of this your website will rank low and others websites will rank high. So, websites niche also matters.

Importance Of Alexa Rank:

There are various factors that make Alexa Rank important, some of which are as follows:

It Shows Website’s Popularity: Although Alexa rank is little controversial but it still shows the popularity of a website. Numerically, the smaller the Alexa Rank, the better it is.

Gains Interest Of Advertisers: A good Alexa rank always attracts advertisers. Advertisers will confidently advertise on your website if they see a good Alexa Rank. Also, if your website has high Alexa Rank, that is, under 100k then Advertisers can directly see your traffic stats on Alexa and can easily decide whether to advertise on it or not.

Usually a website with high Alexa rank receives a good amount of traffic which attracts advertisers to purchase ad spaces.

Gains The Interest Of Visitors: If your website has high Alexa Rank then your website visitors will feel confident while entering on your website. Some visitors only visits websites that have high Alexa rank. Also high Alexa rank may help your visitors to remember your website and this may make them a regular visitor of your site.

This is the reason why i always put an Alexa widget on my website and recommend others to do the same.

Makes Your Website Different From Others: Today there are lots of similar niche websites, so, if your website have high Alexa rank then it will help your visitors select your website among the various available options.

Shows Your Punctuality: A regularly updated blog often attains high Alexa Rank instead of blog which is updated on weekly, monthly or yearly basis because visitors always keep looking for new content and if you do not update your blog on a regular basis then you may loose your regular visitors and hence Alexa Rank too.

Now i think you have understood the basics of Alexa Rank, so, lets discuss our main topic.

How To Improve Alexa Rank ?

Improving Alexa rank is not a very big deal. You can easily improve your blog’s or website’s Alexa Rank by following these simple steps:

Submit Your Website To Alexa/Claim Your Site On Alexa: This is the first and major step, go to Alexa Site owners page and submit your website. Basically there you will have to enter your website URL in the required field and then you have to verify your site ownership by following any of the three verification options suggested by Alexa.

Regularly Update Your Website: This is the another major step. Always try to update your website on a regular basis and if you are a blog owner then try to post at least one article per day. Once you will start updating your blog or website then definitely within one month you will see a major change in your website’s Alexa Rank.

Install Alexa Toolbar: This is another very important step in the process. Alexa toolbar helps Alexa to keep track of your website. Alexa toolbar keeps sending stats of your site to Alexa’s central server. Normally we visit our site at least 4-5 times a day. So, you can consider installing it on your browser. Alexa toolbar is available for all major browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.

Interlink Your Article: Since Alexa considers page views and bounce rate of websites. So, always try to interlink all your articles with one another. The more the number of page views the better is your Alexa Rank.

Put An Alexa Traffic Ranking Widget On Your Website: Yes, having an Alexa Ranking widget on your site can also improve your website’s Alexa Rank. Alexa Ranking widget shows the current ranking of your blog and also like its toolbar, ranking widget also helps Alexa to better analyze your website’s traffic.

You can get an Alexa widget from Alexa’s website directly or you can search and install Alexa Rank Widget plugin, if you are a WordPress user.

I strongly recommend to have an Alexa widget on your website as it keeps the visitors and advertisers interested in your website.

Write Unique And Quality Articles: If you write good quality unique article then definitely Google will rank your website high in its search results and therefore, your blog will start receiving high amount of traffic which will improve your blog’s Alexa Rank.

Build Quality Back-Links: Create as many back links for your website. Try to create only good quality back-links, that is, build back links from top blogs or website and always try to avoid creating back links from low quality blogs or websites.

The best way of getting some high quality back links is by writing guest posts on top blogs or by commenting on commentluv websites. Some Commentluv websites give do-follow links whereas some give no-follow but the main thing that you have to keep in mind while commenting is that always try to write few lines in comments because some pro bloggers do no approve short comments or the comments that are of no use like thanks, nice article etc.

Always try to write good descriptive comments that are helpful for others and will show that you have read the article properly.

Encourage Your Visitors To Install Alexa Toolbar: You can encourage your users to install Alexa toolbar because some visitors are your regular visitors and if they do not have Alexa toolbar installed then they may not contribute fully in improving your site’s Alexa rank.

Share Your Article On Social Networks: Today social networks are playing major role in getting traffic to sites. You may have seen news sites promoting their each and every article on social networks to get as much traffic as possible. So, if you can utilize social networks then you can improve your Alexa rank as well.

Create a fan page of your website and join sever groups on social networks to promote your website. You can even join several blogging communities and forums to promote your website.

I strongly recommend to join some top forums because from there you can get some additional visitors and online presence. And, if you join a professional forum then it increases the chances of getting direct advertisers for your blog/website.

I hope you have enjoyed the article 🙂

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