What is Pastebin ?

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pastebinA Pastebin is a web application that allows users to upload and share text online. Pastebins are commonly used by the programmers for sharing codes on chats, forums, social networks, or on some other websites.

Before explaining anything further about the uses of Pastebin, lets first understand, how Pastebin works ? and why they are very popular ?


How Pastebin Works ?

The working of Pastebin can be understood in four simple steps:

  1. You have some text or code to share.
  2. You enter it on Pastebin and create paste. It provides you a URL, which contains that text file.
  3. You share the URL on chats, forums, social networks, microblogging websites etc.
  4. People click on the paste URL to access the text document.

Lets take an example:

> Suppose i have some text to share with my users say:

This is an article about Pastebin and here i will explain how Pastebin works ?, why they are popular ?, and how you can make money from Pastebins ?. I will also share some websites links where you can make money by creating pastes.

> I visit to a pastebin website say: www.pastebin.com


> I paste the above text in pastebin and press the create paste tab to get the paste URL.


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> Now, i have got the URL that i can share instead of sharing the long text document. And, whenever a user clicks on that URL then he/she can see the entire text. You can see the above text by pasting the below paste URL in your address bar:


Why Pastebins Are Popular ?

The answer is pretty simple, Pastebin is one of the simplest and convenient way of sharing text documents. Let me explain some uses of pastebins:

Suppose you are a programmer and you are dealing with your client via chat. Then it will be difficult for you to provide him/her the code as either you will have to save the text document and email him/her, or if you paste the code in chat box then it will look awkward. So, if you simply create a paste URL then you can give it to your client and he/she will be able to access the code just by clicking the paste URL.

Another example: Suppose you want to share a large text document or an article with your followers on Twitter, where they limit the number of words per tweet. In such case you can provide a simple paste URL to your followers in tweet and ask them to click it to see the entire article.

Another great use of Pastebin, if you have joined a forum or community and there you have to provide some code to a user then you can share a simple paste URL instead of pasting the entire code because there’s a possibility that people on forum may not like the code on the forum. So, its a much better way to keep the forums and communities clean.

Now, you know what is pastebin ?, how it works ?, why they are popular and where to use them ?. So, why not let us make some money out of it ?.

If you are not a regular visitor of our website then you might be wondering ” How can i make money from a pastebin ?”. Let me discuss it too.

How To Make Money With Pastebins ?

There are some Pastebin services like Spaste and Binbucks that pay you for creating and sharing paste URLs. The idea is simple like URL shorteners.

You create a paste URL and share it with your friends or colleagues and whenever, a person clicks that paste URL then he/she will be shown a 5 second ad or he/she will be asked to fill up a CAPTCHA code before he/she will be redirected to the destination page that contains the text or code.

To see an example of how paid Pastebin works just copy and paste the below URL in the address bar of your browser.


Some paid pastebin services:

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