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linkarus-reviewLinkarus is a brand new URL shortener website that allows publishers to monetize their links using their URL shortener tool whereas it provides an opportunity to advertisers to promote their products and services using the most effective form of advertising.

To those who don’t know much about URL shorteners and how to make money from then can see the demo video present on their website’s home page or alternatively you can follow the below link to read a detailed article that i have especially written for newbies.

Linkarus has its headquarter in Mid Glamorgan, UK. Linkarus is somewhat different from other URL shorteners because it offers some innovative features and services.

The first major thing that makes it different from other URL shorteners is, there is no need to register on Linkarus to earn money from it. I know now you have got some questions in your mind that, if i don’t have to create an account there then how will i track my earnings ? and how will i get paid ?

The answer is pretty simple, they have an innovative approach for that, they don’t believe in passwords as passwords can be easily theft or stolen, or your account can be easily hacked. But if you don’t have a password then there’s no need to worry as your account is more secure.

Their approach is very simple and very effective. Their shorten URL tool not only asks for URL to short but along with that it also asks for your PayPal email. So, every link that you short with their URL shortener tool will be linked to your PayPal email and hence, you can easily track them using your PayPal email.

To track your earnings or access your dashboard, you just need to enter your PayPal email on their website and then you will be taken to your dashboard where you can see your earning reports. The only thing that makes me little worry is, anybody who knows your PayPal email can access your dashboard and see your stats. However, they cannot change any details as there is no section to update your payment info 😉 . So, its a totally secure account. I have always been a supporter of innovative approaches and i appreciate their team for that.

The other thing that makes them different is, their dashboard provides a link spam report section that indicates the percentage of total link spam reports against your links. So, everything is totally transparent. Their spam report section indicates you about spam by using Green, Amber, and Red warning signals.

And one more important thing to note here, if you like playing Second Life (an online virtual world) then you can withdraw your earnings from various ATM machines present in the game. You can even share your links on Second Life to earn money.

Apart from all these things, Linkarus offers very high payout rates for publishers, very low minimum payout, an attractive referral program and a great support. They offer live support feature, where they remain online for working hours. Their staff is very co-operative and answers all users queries. I contacted them twice regarding this new way of accessing dashboard and got satisfactory replies instantly.

For Advertisers, Linkarus offers a great platform to promote their products. Interstitial ads are always beneficial for advertisers as they force visitors to see ads for an specific amount to time to access their desired page or content.

For advertisers Linkarus is better than any other URL shorteners as they show ads for 10 seconds where other URL shorteners show ads for only 5 seconds. Linkarus offers high rates to publishers and that is the reason why more and more publishers are using it.

And one of the best thing about Linkarus, it even gives free views to the advertisers. If they have traffic that they can’t charge an advertiser for then they equally distribute those views among the advertisers who have remaining budget in their campaigns. So, advertisers can expect to get a lot of additional traffic on top of what they specify in their orders.

They also provide detailed stats on country composition of both free and paid views. They also offer a graph to better analyze your stats.

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Linkarus development team has recently added an advertiser option for strong bot protection. If advertisers select this option then all their views will be preceded by a Google reCAPTCHA test – giving them much more indemnity against bot traffic. This also has a benefit for publishers, as well because they will be paid at an even higher rate for verified views.

They have also added an advertiser option to set their countdown timer duration, up to 60 seconds. This can reduce page bounce times. Alternatively they can also reduce their timer, to save on campaign costs.

Signup And Approval:

There is no need to sign up on Linkarus to earn money. To earn money from Linkarus the all you have to do is to visit their homepage, enter the URL/Link to short in the URL shortener tool, enter your PayPal email and click on convert link tab to generate shorten link.

To access the dashboard, just click on the Publishers tab, select Check Balance from the list and then enter your PayPal email in the required field and click on Check Balance tab.

Payout Rates:

Linkarus offers very high payout rates for most of the countries but it also pays very low rates for few countries. At the time of writing this review the highest rate was $10.21 whereas the lowest was $0.01. However, these rates change on daily basis, so, you can check them before joining this network.

Ad Formats:

Like other URL shortener websites Linkarus also offers Interstitial ads as the only solution to publishers.

Tools Offered:

Linkarus offers an API for developers to maximize their earnings.

Stats Reporting System:

Linkarus offers a good stats reporting system which shows all stats in real time. Their stats reporting system shows balance, total payment received and total valid views.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Linkarus is only 1$.

Payment Frequency:

Linkarus pays its publishers on monthly basis. They process all payments on 1st of every month.

Payment Options:

Linkarus offers PayPal as their only payment option to publishers.

Referral Program:

Linkarus offers a great referral program where you can earn rewards for referring both publishers and advertisers.

Linkarus offers a 20% commission on publisher referrals earnings whereas a 10% commission on advertisers spent amounts.

Network Closed !

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Linkarus Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout:$1
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment Methods:PayPal
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
20% on publisher referrals earnings, 10% on advertiser referrals spent amounts.
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:http://linkarus(.)com
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