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daily-theme-ad-ads-ready-wordpress-themeDaily is a beautiful ad optimized WordPress theme. It is fully responsive and comes with a variety of features. This theme has light color scheme which gives it a professional look and its simple design makes it more user friendly.

The designers have designed this theme by keeping in mind that it should provide maximum ad spaces without affecting the user interface. The look of the theme is modern and it is fully loaded with features that i will discuss later in this article. But, before going any further i would like to show you its demo first. To see the live demo of Daily Theme just click the below live demo button.

Two Leaderboard Banner Spaces On Top:

Daily theme comes with two leaderboard banner spaces, one is in the header while other is just below the slider which gives you the freedom to display big banners. Most of the ads ready themes offer only one leaderboard banner space on top but this theme provides you two spaces which simply means higher earnings for you.

Two Sidebars:

This theme comes with two sidebars. These two sidebars let you place big rectangle banners and skyscrappers. On one side bar you can place big rectangle banners like 300X600, or 300X250 whereas on other you can show big 160X600 skyscrapper banner.

There are many layouts available for this theme, so, if you don’t like using two sidebars then you can opt to show only one. You can show the two sidebars on same side or you can show them on left or right of your content. There are various layouts that you can check in the demo.

An Attractive Slider:

Daily theme also comes with an attractive slider on homepage. Sliders always help in gaining the attention of visitors and in increasing page views by huge margin. People use sliders to show their most creative posts or the posts that can generate leads for them. So, its totally depends on your strategy.

If you are contacted by a high number of direct advertisers then you can even sell your slider spaces as ad spaces. I have seen some websites selling their slides as ad spaces.

Mega Menus:

Daily theme has two mega menus. Mega menus are modern and nowadays people like them very much. Mega menus gives a website more professional look and increase users engagement on your website.

This theme has two menus which ensure you will never fell short of menus. So, create as many categories you want.

Four Footer Layout:

This theme has four footer layout which lets you place a huge number of widgets and banners in footer section. These footer sections are always helpful because here we can put our small widgets and add some additional links in footer.

Multiple Layouts And Customization:

Daily theme comes with various layouts which let you select the best one for your website. This theme also lets you do various customization based on your needs and requirements.

Various Shortcodes:

This theme has various shortcodes which help you in making highly attractive posts. People love blogs and websites which present things in attractive way. Some of the very useful shortcodes that daily theme offers are buttons, message, toggle, tabs and columns.

These are the only major features, to see all of its features you can visit official theme selling website. Below is the info and download link of this premium theme.

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