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absolutclick-reviewAbsolutclick is a premium native advertising network. It was started in 2014 and with the hard work of its skilled big data and RTB specialists this network has now become one of the biggest native advertising network. It has tons of worldwide publishers and advertisers who are working with this network for years.

The numbers speak for themselves ! Absolutclick has over 200,000 active publishers from more than 120 countries. If this much number of publishers are working with this network then you can understand how big this network is.

Absolutclick provide most advanced tools to publishers and advertisers to fulfill their needs. Its platform is developed in a way to generate profit for all parties, that is, publishers, advertisers and company itself.

Absolutclick uses most advanced algorithms which deliver only the best content driven ads on publisher websites. These ads have high conversion ratio and therefore, they generate high profit for both publishers and advertisers. Also, Absolutclick shares highest revenue with publishers this gives them an upper hand over its competitors.

Network Requirements:

Unlike many other ad networks which impose high requirements on publishers, Absolutclick likes to keep things simple. It has simplest requirements that a genuine publisher can fulfill. These simple requirements are as follows:

  1. Your website must have compliance with copyright law.
  2. Your website must not host any adult content.
  3. You need to have spam free website. Also, it should not deliver any kind of malware, or it should not contain any spy hardware.

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, your website must not be linked in any kind of frauds like fake traffic, bots, fake clicks, proxies etc. Having these prohibited things may lead to a permanent ban of your account and all your earnings will be fortified.

The above mentioned requirements are simple. If you are a genuine publisher then i believe you avoid all the above mentioned things except adult content. You can have an adult content website, it’s not a bad thing but this network allows only non-adult content websites, so, if you are looking to monetize your adult content website then this network is not an option for you. However, you can try many other adult ad networks that are listed on our website.

Signup and Approval Process:

The sign up process on Absolutclick is simple. To signup on it, you just need to contact them via email with few details about your website and then if they find your website suitable for their network then they will provide you your login credentials. The approval process is quick. They usually reply within 24 hours so you are not required to worry about long waiting time.

Ad Types:

Being a native ad network, Absolutclick provides native ads to publishers. Their native ads are highly content driven and have a high conversion rate which results in higher earnings for you. Apart from native ads, they also offer banner ads of various sizes that you can use to monetize your website.

Minimum Payout And Payment Frequency:

Absolutclick has a very low minimum payout of only 10$ which even small publishers can easily reach with little efforts. Also, its payment frequency is quick. It pays publishers on weekly basis.

Advantages For Publishers:

There are various advantages of joining Absolutclick as a publisher. Some of which are as follows:

  • Timely payouts via PayPal.
  • Hourly updated stats reporting system.
  • Allows you to work with multiple ad networks at the same time.
  • Delivers only safe ads, so, your website always remain free from unpleasant ads.
  • Easy to use platform with personal account manager.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support.

Advantages For Advertisers:

There are various advantages for advertisers too. Some of which are as follows:

  • Easy to use platform with personal account manager.
  • A great reach of publishers. Over 200,000 publishers from more than 120 countries are working with this network. So, at whatever place you want to promote your products and services you can promote them easily.
  • Various targeting options like device, OS, Geo etc.
  • Absolutclick has a huge base of female traffic. It has lots of things to offer if you are looking to target female audience.
  • You can ban any publisher anytime. Only you decide where to show your ads.
  • Real time stats reporting.
  • Genuine advertising prices.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support.

Payment Proof:


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Absolutclick Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, Native
Ad Formats:Native Ads, Banner Ads
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:https://absolutclick.com

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