5 New Paying URL Shorteners 2015

New Paying URL ShortenersWe always keep looking for new URL shorteners to earn some easy money from them. Unlike other ad networks to earn money from URL shorteners users do not need any website and that’s the thing that makes them different.

With URL shorteners, even newbies can earn good money, they also provide good opportunity to Facebook page admins who have lots of followers that can generate them huge income.

The simple funda is, you just have to share your shorten links on various websites including social networks, forums, others sites and on your very own sites and then you can see your money growing.

Some of the old URL shorteners are blocked in some countries whereas some of them are blocked by social networks and therefore, users always keep looking for new shorten URL services to make money. So, today i am sharing some very new URL shorteners from which you can earn a decent income.

All of these sites are paying at the moment. I will update this post if any of these URL shorteners stop paying because you can understand we cannot consider new networks as stable networks because new networks can go down or close anytime if they do not get profit.

I will also update this post in future if i come to know some other new paying URL shorteners. So, below is a list of new paying URL shorteners:


Linkshrink was launched in may 2014 and after making some minor adjustments it has now become a reliable network. I have used this network for 2-3 months and already received 4 payments from them.

They are a good network and their support is very responsive. At the start they pay on daily basis but now they have changed their payment terms. At the moment they pay their users within 4 days of payment request. However, i get all my all payments within 48 hours of request.

The payout rates offered are good for almost all countries. This is also one of the network which has gained huge popularity with in few months. So, if you want a new URL shortener then you can give it a try.

Update: Now this network has completed three years and during these three years i have received multiple payments from them. So, you can join this network confidently.



This is one of the newest URL shortener and i am sure you have never heard about it. This network is also looking good. They are also offering good payout rates. Their support is also very good, i contacted them once and they replied me within one hour. So, overall an active network is always good to join.

Popularity wise, it is least popular among these five networks but you can understand it is the newest network among these five. They offer some necessary tools than can help you to increase your earnings.

Update: Now Ouo has become one of my favorite URL shortener. I have also received multiple payments from it. You can see some of my payments proof on its review page or on our Facebook page. Overall, its a great network to join with high payout rates. It always pays on time via PayPal and Payza.

Join Ouo.iolinebreakFas.li:


Fas.li has emerged as another great alternative of some popular URL shorteners like Adfly, Shortest, Linkbucks etc. This URL shortener also offers all premium facilities to users, which include low minimum payout, fast payments, high payout rates, live stats and multiple monetization tools.

I have also received a couple of payments from this network that you can check on its review page. Overall, its a great network to join. If the above mentioned URL shorteners doesn’t work for you then you can go for this URL shortener. The minimum payout on Fas.li is only 5$ and it pays on biweekly basis.

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Adultxyz is a new URL shortener launched by x19 Limited. This is the company which also owns one of the most popular URL shortener Adf.ly.

x19 Limited has mainly launched this network for adult content links. They were getting multiple requests from users to launch a URL shortener for adult content links and therefore, they came up with this URL shortener.

The look and feel of this URL shortener are similar to Adfly and therefore, you will not find any difficulty in using it. It provides all premium services like Adfly. On this URL shortener, you get various great facilities like low minimum payout, multiple payment options, tons of tools, live stats, referral program and much more.

So, if you are looking to monetize your adult content links then surely give this URL shortener a try.

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Uskip.me is another great option these days. It provides great facilities to users. It offers high payout rates and it pays users on daily basis. So, if you are looking for a network which pays quickly and offers high payout rates then this network could be a great choice for you.

I have already received two payments from it and both of the payments were on time. You can see one of its payment proof on its review page. It also provide all necessary tools to increase your earnings. So, overall this URL shortener is also a great option to join.

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Cutwin is one of the newest URL shortener in this list. I am getting some good reviews about this network from users. Since, this network is getting popularity, so, i have added it here. But, still there’s a long way to go for this network.

The reason behind getting quick popularity is its high payout rates and various other great facilities. Some of the facilities offered by this network are low minimum payout of only 1$, quick payments, live stats, multiple payment options and a referral program for additional earnings.

So, if you want to try a brand new URL shortener with great facilities then you can join it.

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This is a different shorten URL service. There are two major differences that make this network different from the above mentioned URL shorteners.

1. It offers two different publishers account one is free account and other is paid account. The difference between the paid account and free account is that paid account offers some additional features whereas free account has limited features or you can say that all the features that we generally get in other URL shorteners account.

2. It doesn’t offer fix CPM for countries, the CPM on Clk.im is totally based on the performance and quality of traffic. The more your traffic converts the more you will be earning. The only major disadvantage of this network is, it has high minimum payout, which is 50$. And also it pays on monthly basis. Nevertheless if you have quality traffic that has high conversion rate then you can give it a try.

Update: Now this network only offers a paid account.

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Networks Removed From the List


(Not Recommended)Gca.sh is another new network that was started late in 2014. Gca.sh is also gaining popularity very quickly like LinkShrink. Among these five URL shorteners, Gca.sh is the fastest paying ad network, it pays its users on daily basis while all other are paying whether twice a month or on monthly basis.

Its minimum payout limit is higher than the above mentioned URL shorteners. On Gca.sh the minimum payout is 10$ whereas on LinkShrink and Ouo.io, it is just 5$. Overall this network is a good choice to start with because of increasing popularity and good services.

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(Not Recommended)This URL shortener is different from all the other mentioned URL shortener because it is an adult URL shortener whereas all other are non adult. So, if you are looking to monetize your adult content links then this is good choice. There are very few adult URL shorteners available online and this is one of them. AdMy.link also offers great services to its publishers. Its minimum payout limit is also low, which is 5$. The only con in this network is, it pays on monthly basis.

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I hope you have enjoyed this article.

Happy Earnings 🙂

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