Why Adf.ly Is Better Than Other Paid URL Shorteners ?

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why-adfly-is-better-than-other-paid-url-shortenersIf you have ever used paid URL shorteners to make money then most probably you would have heard about Adf.ly. If still you have not heard about it then let me tell you in brief.

Adf.ly is a URL Shortener service which pays you for shortening and sharing your links. It is one of the most popular and oldest URL shortener service. Also, it is a completely free to use service and worldwide publishers use it to make money from their links.

One more thing that i want to add here is, it is a non-adult URL shortener service. For monetization of adult content link they have launched a separate adult specific URL shortener called Adult.xyz, which is also a great service. You can get more details about Adult.xyz by clicking here.

So, that was a short introduction of Adf.ly. If you want to know more about Adf.ly or you want to read its complete review then you can follow the below link.

Why Adf.ly Is Better Than Other Paid URL Shortener Services ?

There are various simple reasons that make this awesome URL shortener service far better from others. Below i have mentioned some of these reasons:


This is one of the most important factor that you must consider while choosing any ad network. And, in my opinion if you looking for a reliable URL shortener service then you cannot find a better URL shortener service than Adf.ly. It is one of the most stable and reliable URL shortener service.

Adf.ly was started way back in 2009 and still it is online. Not only it is online but it is also running its business successfully. And, the best part that i really like about this network is, it has always continued to find new solutions to provide better services to its publishers.

From interstitial ads, framed banner ads to pop ads and push ads, Adf.ly has done everything to stick in the market. And, this is also what makes this network one of the most stable and successful ad network in the market.

If any network is running successfully from last 10 years then you can understand that there’s something good in it. Any network which scams users cannot stick in the market for that long period of time, at least with a good reputation. So, overall Adf.ly is a reliable network on which you can trust. You can use it confidently.

Highest Rates:

From the day i have started using Adf.ly, i have never seen any downfalls in its payout rates. Personally, i have always got better payout rates from them and that is the reason why i always recommend Adf.ly to others.

If you see the current market situation for URL shorteners then you can easily understand that it’s not the best market situation for them. But, still Adf.ly is offering the best rates to publishers. This not only shows that they are better than others but this also shows that they are more experienced and know how to deal with different market situations.

At the moment when i am writing this post, Adf.ly is offering rates up to 25$ per 1000 views, which is far higher than any other URL shortener. And, best of all it is also paying for raw traffic, which means it is paying even for multiple views from the same visitor.

Adf.ly monetizes traffic for both desktop and mobile devices, so, you can remain sure that you are going to be paid for each and every click you deliver to your shorten links.

Most Advanced Tools:

Adf.ly is one of those URL shorteners which offer lots of tools to their publishers. Many new URL shorteners offers only 4 to 5 tools which are sufficient for most people but if you are the one who want something extra then Adf.ly is for you.

Adf.ly offers more than 8 tools which you can use for different purposes. From maximizing your revenue to exporting your link stats, Adf.ly provides you everything you need in your tools section. Some of its popular tools are Mass Shrinker, Multiple Links, Easy Links, Website Entry Script, API Documentation, Web Analytics, Full Page Script etc.

Multiple Ad Formats:

Unlike most of the URL shortener networks which offer only few ad types, Adf.ly offers you best ad formats that are generating better revenue in current market situation. This also differs Adf.ly from other URL shorteners.

Adf.ly is more than a URL shortener service. You can better consider it as a complete ad network. So, whether you have non-adult links or you have a website then you can monetize them easily with Adf.ly.

The different ad formats offered by Adf.ly are Interstitial Ads, Framed Banner Ads, Pop Ads and Push Notification Ads.

Fast Payment Frequency:

Many URL shortener networks pay its publishers on biweekly, weekly or monthly basis but Adf.ly likes to keep things fast. As nobody likes waiting for their payment, Adf.ly likes to settle things on daily basis. It process all payments on daily basis to provide better service to its publishers.

The only thing that may hurt you is, if you are a new user on Adf.ly and you request your first payment then you will be paid on monthly basis, that is, on first of the next month. After that all payments are made on request, that is, on daily basis.

Adf.ly does this to test every new publisher’s traffic. If they find everything fine in your traffic then you are allowed to work with them and you become eligible for daily payments.

Dedicated Support:

Adf.ly is great in providing support to its users. I am using Adf.ly from last 6 years and every time i contacted them i god a satisfactory reply from them. Actually, in these 6 years i have contacted them 4-5 times maximum as i never faced much trouble with their services. Their service is up to the mark. They have fast servers which load ads faster than most of the other competitor URL shorteners.

So, overall i did not face much trouble with their services. However, i contacted them sometimes regarding their new ad formats and services. But, the best part is whenever i contacted them i got a quick and satisfactory reply. And, that is the reason why if you ask me to rate this network on the basis of its support then i will give it 5 out of 5 marks without any hesitation.

Also, support of any network makes it good or bad. If a network is not replying or slow in replying then you can consider that things are not going good with that particular network.

This also denotes that the team behind network is not serious about it, so, you can avoid joining such networks. But, with Adf.ly the case is totally different and that is the reason why i always recommend you to join Adf.ly as your first choice.

Offers Two Major Payment Methods:

Personally i didn’t want to include this heading in my article as many other new networks are offering more payment options to publishers. I always believe in getting more payment options for withdrawal as different countries have set of rules and therefore, one or two payment options are not enough for publishers.

But, still i am adding this as Adf.ly’s quality just because it offers two major payment options which are widely acceptable.

Adf.ly uses PayPal and Payoneer to pay its publishers. PayPal and Payoneer are two giant payment options in the world. Especially PayPal is widely acceptable.

Payoneer has also grown its reach during last couple of years. It has over 4 million users and it provides its services in over 200 countries. So, both of these payment options are widely used and most probably in your country you are also allowed to use them.

Other Great Facilities Which Make Adf.ly Better Than Other URL Shorteners:

  • Provides two different short domains, so, you can choose anyone of your choice.
  • Provides option to choose the type of ads to show to your visitors.
  • Detailed stats reporting with hourly updated stats reporting system.
  • Offers a competitive referral commission program where you get paid for referring both publishers and advertisers.

Final Words:

I am using Adf.ly from last 6 years and personally i have received lots of payments from it. Also, i have never faced any delays in my payments which is the best part about their service. So, if you are looking for a reliable URL shortener network which can offer you the best rates in industry then Adf.ly is for you.

I will recommend you to for it before going for any other URL shortener. However, if Adf.ly doesn’t work out for you then you can try some of its best alternatives.

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