What Is Payza ?

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what-is-payzaPayza is one of the very popular online payment processor and an e-wallet service. It is widely used by individuals and businesses to send or receive funds worldwide. Payza supports 190+ countries and 25 different currencies. This huge reach of Payza makes it one of the very popular international payment processor.

Payza is also one of the very popular alternative of PayPal. People who don’t have access to PayPal usually use Payza for sending or receiving funds. PayPal is not available in some countries and in some its features are restricted. In such countries Payza works very well. In fact, Payza is one of the finest payment processor available online. Many online businesses support Payza and use it to send and receive funds worldwide. I personally use Payza to receive funds from various ad networks and clients.

With Payza, you cannot only send or receive funds online but you can also use Payza to shop online on various eCommerce websites. You can use Payza as an e-wallet to shop online and pay your local and international merchants.

Payza lets freelancers to easily receive funds from various websites and clients. And, it lets online businesses to send or receive funds internationally. Our website visitors mainly use Payza to receive funds from various ad networks.

How You Can Sign Up On Payza ? Is there Any Fees For Signing Up ?

Like most of the other online payment processors Payza is also free to join. You are not even required to provide your credit/debit card details to join Payza. However, to receive funds from Payza to your local bank account you are required to fill in your bank details in your Payza account. Also, if you want to load funds in your Payza account, then you can use various funding options like Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin Payments etc.

Payza offers two types of accounts to users – Personal Account and Business Account. So, whether you are an individual or you are a business, you can use Payza to send or receive funds worldwide. Creating both types of accounts is free. Here are the benefits of both personal and business accounts:


Payza Personal Account Vs Business Account


How To Receive Money On Payza ?

To receive money on Payza, you first need to create an account on it. After that you need to provide your Payza email to the person or company from whom you want to receive funds. Payza email works as an account number which you can provide to anybody to receive funds.

By default, the email address with which you register on Payza becomes your Payza email. However, you can add as many as email addresses to your Payza account and they will become your Payza email.

Payza also allows you to request money directly from your Payza account. For this you just need to click the request money tab, then fill all necessary details like amount, recipients Payza email, currency etc and then click the send button to complete the process. Once you successfully make a payment request, then if your recipient has a Payza account then he/she can pay you instantly, otherwise, Payza will send him/her an invitation email in order to allow the person to accept the transfer.

How To Withdraw Funds From Payza To Your Bank Account ?

To withdraw funds from Payza to your bank account you are required to fill in your bank details in Payza account and you must have a verified Payza account. Getting your Payza account verified is not a difficult task, it’s just a one time process to provide additional security to your account. Actually, Payza wants to check whether you are the real person who has created the account and performing transactions.

Since, it’s a one time process, so, once you get your account verified then you can perform all further transactions without any additional verification or restriction.

I will discuss more about how to verify your Payza account later in this article. For now i am considering that you have a verified Payza account.

So, once you have filled all your bank details and have a verified Payza account then you can easily withdraw your funds from Payza to your bank account. To withdraw funds from Payza, you need to click on the withdraw funds button and select any of the withdrawal option from various available options. Payza provides various withdrawal options to users like Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Exchanger and Cryptocurrency Trader.

Since, i am explaining here the process of withdrawing funds to your bank account, so, i am focusing only on it. However, you can withdraw funds using any other available option. Withdrawing funds from Payza is quick and easy.

So, to withdraw funds to your bank account you need to select the bank transfer option and then fill in all necessary details like amount, currency and other details. Then, select the bank to which you want to transfer funds and reason for transaction. After that just enter your transaction pin and complete the process by clicking the next button. You are done ! You will receive your money to your bank account in 2-3 days.

Things to note:

  • While registering on Payza or inside your account they will ask you to create a transaction pin. Create it and make sure to save it because you will need it for every transaction.
  • If you are an Indian and don’t know what reason to choose while withdrawing funds to your bank account then you can choose “trade transactions up to Rs. 5 lakhs per transaction” and proceed to withdraw your funds.

How To Verify You Payza Account ?

Verifying Payza account is simple process. To verify your Payza account you need submit a scanned copy of your address and Id proof. These id proofs could be your national identification card, voter id card, phone bills, tax id etc. They provide a complete list of these documents on their verification page.

You can find the verification tab on the sidebar of your account or you will get a link to verify your Payza account on withdraw funds page. You just need to upload any of the above mentioned documents and your account will get verified within 2-3 days. Nowadays, Payza quickly reviews users documents, so, it may be possible that your account get verified within 24 hours of submission of documents.

Special Note For Ad Nets Review Users:

Payza is one of the major payment processor used by many ad networks, so, i strongly recommend our visitors to create a Payza account. It’s totally free to create a Payza account and even there’s no maintenance fees like some other payment processors. As a publisher or advertiser you must have at least Payza, PayPal and Payoneer accounts as most of the ad networks support these payment options.

Not Recommended !

Payza is banned by USA government for avoiding tax or some tax related issue. Though it has moved to European servers but this service is not reliable anymore. I had approx 38-50$ in my Payza account which they ate up. When I tried to withdraw my funds, their dashboard displayed a notification that your withdraw is complete but i never received my money. So, from my side it’s not recommended to use this service anymore, You can try other alternatives like PayPal, Payoneer etc.

Thinking Of Joining Payza ?


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