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shortd-reviewDo you want to earn money online ? But, you don’t know how ? If these are the questions revolving in your mind then you are at right place as today i am going to review a website aka URL shortener network where you can make a handsome income in 2019.

Actually i am talking about Shortd, a URL shortener network. It is a website which provides opportunity to worldwide users to make money online. To make money from it, you just need to shorten your links with its tool and then share them to earn money. You can share your links anywhere on internet.

Whenever a person clicks on your link you get paid for it. Isn’t it simple ? Actually it is the simplest way to make money online. But, still if you are finding it difficult to understand the concept then you can refer my below article. In my article i have not only described about working of URL shorteners but i have also discussed some key strategies to make money from them.

So, let’s come back to our main topic Shortd Review. Shortd is a global URL shortener service and therefore, users from any part of the world can join it. Furthermore, it uses CPM model to pay its publishers, that is, it pays a certain amount of money for every one thousand clicks. Their rates depend on the countries of persons clicking on your links.

Shortd has some top tier countries for which it pays high payout rates. You can earn as much as 20$ per 1000 views from this network. But, if your traffic is not coming from its top tier countries then you are not required to worry as it offers 3.50$ per 1000 views as its worldwide deal, which i think is quite good.

Overall if you see its rates, then you can clearly see that it offers one of the highest rates in the industry.

Signup Process:

Shortd has a very simple signup process. To register on it, you just need to fill in a very short signup form and submit it. Actually its signup form asks only basic things like an email address and a new password for your account. As its signup form is really short to fill, so, it doesn’t take more than two minutes of your valuable time.

Once you signup on this network then you can immediately login to your account and start shortening your links to earn money.

As Shortd is a URL shortener service, so, you are not required to have a website to earn money from it. If you have some links to short then you can earn money from it, it is that simple !

Ad Types:

As a URL shortener Shortd shows ads only on interstitial pages. These ads are usually called as interstitial ads. However, their interstitial ads contain banners, pop ads, smartlinks and full page interstitial ads. Usually it delivers banner and pop-under ads on interstitial pages.

Why You Should Join Shortd ?

There are various simple reasons to do it. Some of which are as follows:

Highest CPM Rates:

Unlike many other URL shortener networks which offer low or average payout rates, Shortd offers high payout rates for worldwide traffic. If your traffic belongs to its top tier countries then you can make huge income from it. And, if you traffic doesn’t belong to top tier countries even then you can make good income from it. This network has one of the best worldwide deal.

At the time of writing this review it was offering 20$ per 1000 views as its highest payout rate and 3.5$ per 1000 views as its worldwide deal.

Low Minimum Payout:

Shortd has set a very competitive minimum payout limit of only 5$ which anybody can easily reach and withdraw his/her earnings.

Fast Payments:

Unlike many other URL shorteners which pay on monthly basis, Shortd likes to pay its publishers quickly. They have set a NET15 payment frequency to pay their publishers.

Multiple Payment Options:

Shortd offers 4 different payment options to pay its publishers, which are PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Transfer (EU).

Multiple Tools For Maximizing Revenue:

Looking at the competition Shortd offers all major tools that you seek from a URL shortener. It offers tools like quick link, mass shrinker, full page script, developers API and bookmarklet which help you in maximizing your revenue by huge margin.

Detailed Stats Reporting:

Unlike old ad networks which update stats on daily or hourly basis, Shortd shows live stats of your traffic. This live stats reporting helps you in quickly optimizing your links for better performance without losing much traffic. Also, its stats reporting system is very detailed so you can see each and every necessary stats about your links.

Its stats reporting system also contains a graph which let you easily analyze your stats.

Referral Program:

To compete with the other URL shorteners, Shortd offers you a great referral program which lets you earn some additional income from it just by referring new users to it.

Shortd offers a great 20% referral commission program, which could be great for you if you have some publisher friends.

Additional Earning Opportunity:

Shortd likes to provide additional earning opportunities to its users. At the moment they are running a promotional campaign of their network, so, if you are interested then you can participate in it and earn some additional income from it.

Actually this promotional campaign is for Youtubers. If you have a YouTube channel then you can create a video about their network and upload it to YouTube. They will pay you 1$ for every 1000 views you get on your video. However, they have limited it up to 100,000 views, which means you will be earning money for every 1000 views until you reach 100,000 views.

Overall it’s a great opportunity to make additional 100$ from this network. So, if you are a professional Youtuber then you can contact them and participate in their promotional campaign to earn money.

Why Shortd Is Better Than Various Other URL Shorteners ?

There are various simple reasons which make Shortd a better URL shortener than others. Some of which are as follows:

  • Global coverage.
  • Highest rates in the industry.
  • Better rates for worldwide traffic. You may rarely get better rates for worldwide traffic on other URL shortener networks.
  • Easiest platform to use.
  • Dedicated Support. You will get quick responses on each and every query.
  • Runs promotional campaigns on timely basis. This means more earning opportunities for publishers.
  • New but legitimate network.

Payment Proof:


Thinking Of Joining Shortd ?


Shortd Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, URL Shortener
Ad Formats:Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:NET15
Payment Methods:PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Transfer (EU)
Referral Program:
20% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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