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Best URL Shortener of 2020 reviewAre you tiered of using old ad formats ? Do you want to try something new for your traffic ? If you are the one who want to try something new and innovative then you have visited the right place. is a brand new push notifications advertising network. It is another ad network launched by PropellerAds, which is a popular display advertising network. Those who don’t know about PropellerAds can read its review by clicking here.

So, PropellerAds has launched this ad network with an aim to provide an innovative way to publishers to monetize their traffic. With Push Notifications publishers can double their revenue by adding them with their regular ad units.

As these notifications don’t acquire any space on your website so you are not required to worry about the space. Also, these notifications work amazingly well for low traffic websites.

So, How These Push Notifications Work ?

Have you ever seen a dialogue box on the top of a website asking you to subscribe for notifications ? Yes ! I believe everybody must have seen them as they are common these days. On our website we also use push notification service to send notifications about latest articles to our visitors.

Whenever a visitor subscribes to push notifications, he/she allows us to send him/her notifications about latest changes on our website. So, it is a simple process, a visitor comes to your website and subscribes for notifications and in response you send him/her notifications about latest changes made on your website.

How Do We Earn From Push Notifications ?

This is the most innovative thing about these services. Ad Networks provide you a code that you insert on your website. When you insert that code on your website it start showing a dialogue box on your website which asks your visitors to subscribe for notifications.

When they subscribe for notifications they are sent some push notifications related to their interests and you make money for it.

How Do We Earn On ?

This is something really amazing. pays you money for two things:

  1. For getting a subscriber
  2. For sending notifications to your visitors

This means that every time you get a subscriber you get paid for it. This is a one time income. But, whenever they send notifications to your subscribers and they see ads you get paid for every ad impressions. Isn’t it great ?

Once you get a subscriber then he/she will earn you money for lifetime or until he/she unsubscribes your notifications service. This means that he/she is not required to visit your website again and again to make you money. Once he/she becomes your subscriber you earn money every time he/she sees an ad.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining ?

There are various benefits of joining Some of which are given below:

A Reliable Ad Network:

Being a sister ad network of PropellerAds, you can be sure that this ad network is going to pay you for all your hard work.

PropellerAds is a reliable ad network which is online since 2011. You can find lots of payment proofs of PropellerAds on various website. One of its latest payment proof is available on its review on our website. You can check its review by clicking here.

Also, this ad network gets the benefit of the experienced team of PropellerAds, so, you can trust this ad network.

Easy Sign Up And Fast Website Approval: offers an easy sign up process to publishers where you need to fill in a simple sign up form and submit it. You can join this ad network by clicking here.

Once you sign up on this network you get instant access to your account where you need to submit your website for approval. They have a good professional team which quickly reviews all publisher websites and approve or disapprove them quickly. In our case they approved our website within few minutes of submission.

Three Ways OF Earning:

This ad network provides three ways of earning.

1. You earn money every time you get a subscriber. Also, you get paid every time your subscribers see ads. With you get up to $90 for 1000 subscriptions. Also, you can earn up to 80% revenue share with them.

2. You can use their content locking service to lock your premium content and limit access to your premium content. Your locked pages will ask visitors to perform some actions to get access to your content. Every time they successfully complete actions you get paid for it.

3. By referring others. You can earn 5% referral revenue by referring your friends to

Monetize All Your Traffic:

With the smart tag provided by this ad network you can monetize all your traffic. You can monetize any device, OS, or country based traffic. They pay for worldwide traffic. They also allow worldwide publishers to join their ad network.

Detailed Stats Reporting: has an advanced stats reporting system which shows all necessary stats of your subscribers. Also, it has tons of filters that you can use to filter out your reports.

Fast Payments:

This ad network doesn’t like making its publishers wait for longer periods of time and therefore, they process all publisher payments on every Thursdays of the week.

Multiple Payment Options: offers multiple payment options to publishers through which they can withdraw their earnings. These payment options are PayPal, ePayments, Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney and Wire Transfer.

Dedicated Support:

This ad network provides a great support via multiple channels. You can call them, email them, message them on telegram or you can chat with them on their website’s chat box. They provide a great support on all platforms.

I contacted them via their website’s chat box regarding payment details and got a quick reply from them.

Cons Of

The only thing that disappointed me about this ad network is its high minimum payout limit, which is $100.

Thinking Of Joining ?

sign-up-purple-button Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPS (Cost Per Subscription), Revenue Share
Ad Formats:Push Notifications, Content Locker
Minimum Payout:$100
Payment Frequency:Every Thursday
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, ePayments, Wire, Webmoney
Referral Program:
5% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon

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