How To Start A WordPress Blog ? A Beginner’s Guide

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how-to-start-a-wordpress-blog-a-beginners-guideDo you want to start your own WordPress blog ? But, you don’t know how to get started ! If this is the problem you are facing right now then you have visited the right place. Today in this post i am going to tell you how you can start your own WordPress blog.

So, just read this post till the end and follow all the helpful links mentioned in this post to set up your first WordPress blog in few minutes.

Actually starting a WordPress Blog is an easy thing. Anybody who uses internet can start his/her WordPress blog.

Though, world has changed a lot in last one decade but still many people think that they must know coding to start a website. It may be true if you are building your website from scratch. But, if you are using a platform like WordPress then you are not required to have any kind of coding knowledge.

Starting a WordPress Blog is like installing an app on your smartphone. You just need to install WordPress on your host and start working on your blog. It is as simple as that !

So, What Do We Need To Start A WordPress Blog ?

For starting a WordPress blog, you need to have two things:

  • A Web Hosting Plan
  • A Domain Name

What Is A Web Host ?

A Web Host is an organization that sells or leases memory space on its servers. In simple words a web host is a place where all your website files are stored. It makes these files available on computers (which are connected on internet) whenever they are called. Am i getting more technical ?

So, let’s understand it in a simple way ! Our website ( files are stored on Bluehost servers so whenever you type our website domain in the address bar of your browser, you call our website. Then in response Bluehost sends our website files to your browser which are shown as a website.

So, overall a host is like a home for a website.

Our website is hosted on Bluehost since its launch in 2014 and so far Bluehost is running it extremely well. I have never faced any problems with Bluehost, so, if you want to purchase a hosting plan then our recommended host is Bluehost. Always go for a shared hosting plan if you are starting a new blog. I am saying this because shared hosting plans are cheap and they work perfectly well for low or medium traffic websites.

You can check its discounted hosting plans by clicking here !

Now, the second thing that you need is a domain name.

So, What Is A Domain Name ?

A domain name is a name through which people know your website. They type this name in their browser’s address bar to call your website. Like you type our website domain “” or “” to call our website. “www,” is the domain name of our website.

One thing that i want to add here. Most of the popular hosting providers provide a free domain with their hosting plan. So, always select a good hosting provider like Bluehost or Hostgator.

Benefits That You Get With Bluehost:

If you purchase a hosting plan from Bluehost then you get a free domain name for your blog.

Not only this, Bluehost is a most recommended hosting provider for WordPress websites. They provide free SSL for all WordPress websites.

If you don’t know what is SSL then look at your browser’s address bar. There you will see that there’s a green color lock that appears just before our website’s domain name. This shows that our website is SSL secure and all your data on our website is safe.

A website with SSL certificate uses “https:” protocol whereas a non-SSL website uses “http:” protocol. These days when Google is forcing website owners to have SLL certificates for their websites, having a free SSL certificate saves you from investing more money on your website.

Also, these days Google considers it as a ranking factor so having a SSL certificate is must. Also, it makes your website visitors feel more secure.

An Advice For Beginners:

If you are starting your first WordPress blog then i would recommend you to purchase a shared hosting plan as it is cheap and sufficient for low or medium traffic blogs. Once you start getting tons of traffic on your website then you can upgrade your plan as per your requirements.

Now i believe you know how to start a WordPress Blog ? and what are the things that you need for starting a WordPress Blog ?

So, What To Do Next ?

Once you have purchased these two things. Then you can set up your own WordPress blog in few minutes.

I have created a step by step guide for setting up your WordPress blog on Bluehost that you can follow by clicking the below link.

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