How To Set Up A WordPress Blog On Bluehost ? Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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how-to-set-up-a-wordpress-blog-on-bluehost-a-step-by-step-guide-for-beginnersIn my previous article i had described you how you can start a new WordPress Blog ? And What are the things that you need to start your own WordPress Blog ? But, somehow if you have missed that article then you can read it by clicking the below link:

So, in this article i am considering that you have purchased your hosting plan from Bluehost and you have a free domain name that you have got with your hosting plan. If you have still not purchase a hosting plan then you can purchase it by clicking here. This link will get you some discount on your hosting plan.

So, without making any more delays let’s start our tutorial.

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog On Bluehost ?

Once you have purchased your hosting plan then simply login to your hosting account.

Inside your hosting account just look at the top menus there you will find a tab named “WordPress Tools“. Just click on WordPress Tools and you will reach on WordPress Tools Page.

For your convenience i have added a screenshot below that you can refer if you are facing any difficulty in reaching WordPress Tools Page.


Now in WordPress Tools Page simply click on “New Install” to install WordPress on your domain.


Once you click on New Install, a small form will open up which will ask you to select your domain name, path, site title, admin username, admin password and admin email.

Fill all the details as shown in the screenshot below. Just make sure to leave your Path field empty.


Note: While selecting your domain name it will show you two types of domain one with www and other without www, you can select anyone of your choice. I personally don’t like domains with www, so, i selected a without www version of it. That is the reason why you can see our website domain without www.

If you select the www version of your domain then your domain will look like “”. But, if you select a non-www version then your domain will look like “”. The shorter the better, i believe !

Now Click on “Install WordPress !

If Your WordPress gets installed here then no problem but if you get some error then there’s no need to worry.

Actually your WordPress has already installed. Just click the button again and you will get a message like a WordPress website on this domain already exists. This means your WordPress has already installed when you clicked it for the first time.

Now, Just type your domain name in the address bar of your browser and you will see a WordPress Installation page which asks you to select a language for your WordPress Blog. I prefer US English so i selected it.


Once you have selected your preferred language then just click on “Continue” Button.

Once you click the Continue Button, it will take you to a 5 minutes WordPress Installation page. There you need to fill in your website name, username, password and email as you did in the first form. You can fill the same username, password and email or you can use a new one, it’s up to you. I will explain you later in this article that why it is asking you same details twice.

I just entered the same details as i filled in the first form.


Note: While filling this form just make sure not to tick the check box otherwise your website will not be indexed on search engines.

Once you complete your form then simply click on “Install WordPress Button“.

For more information you can refer the above image.

Once you click the Install WordPress Button, WordPress gets installed on your domain and you get a successful WordPress installation message as shown in below screenshot.


Now, you have installed your WordPress, so, click on “Log in” button to Log into your WordPress dashboard.

Once you click on the login button then it will take you to the login page of your website.


First bookmark this login page, so, you can easily reach this page again. Then, enter your login details and click on Log In button.


Congratulations for successfully installing WordPress and reaching your dashboard.

To again login to your WordPress site. Just type your domain name in the address bar and add the /wp-login.php in the end of it.

For example:

Initially your domain will remain on ‘http:’ so use ‘http:’ instead of ‘https:’. Bluehost provides free SSL for all WordPress websites so you can activate it from your cpanel. For activating free SSL for your domain you can refer the below link:

  • How To Activate Free SSL For WordPress Websites On Bluehost ? (Recommended)

Why It Asks You To Fill The Form Twice ?

The first form was shown by your host. Previously one form was enough for WordPress installation but from a couple of months WordPress also wants users to complete their own form. And, that is the reason why it asks you to fill the admin details again and i think it is also the reason behind the error that we get while completing the first form.

Now, you have installed the WordPress on your website, so, what to do next ?

What To Do Next ?

There are a couple of things that you need to do after installing the WordPress on your domain:

  • Activate Free SSL on your domain.
  • Install some very useful plugins to keep your website safe and ahead of competitors.
  • Find a best WordPress theme for your website.

I hope this post have helped you. If you have liked my effort then please share this post with your friends and keep coming for more WordPress tutorials.

Till then, have a good and happy blogging 🙂

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