Do You Want To Start Your Own URL Shortener Ad Network ?

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do-you-want-to-start-your-own-url-shortener-ad-networkYou may have seen many new URL shortener ad networks coming these days. But, have you ever wondered how everybody has just started launching their URL shorteners ? The answer for this question is simple ! Starting a URL shortener ad network is much easier these days.

Unlike old days where you have to hire a programmer to develop a script for you. And, you have to pay him/her a heavy fees for script development and maintenance.

These are the modern days and now there are many developers who are selling their ready to use scripts. Their scripts are easy to install and don’t require any kind of coding. So, having a URL shortener ad network is simple these days.

Also, these scripts are very cheap so anybody can afford them. You are not required to invest a huge sum of money to have your dream URL shortener ad network.

In addition to that these script developers are providing a great support to users. They provide free support for first few months, usually 6 months. And, after that you can extend their support if you want. Their extended support fees is also very low so anybody can extend their support.

So, What You Need To Start A URL Shortener Ad Network ?

Basically there are three things that you need to start your own URL shortener ad network:

  • A Hosting Plan
  • A URL Shortener Script
  • One Or Two Domains, it’s up to you.

Like any other website you are required to have a hosting provider to host your URL shortener. Our recommended host is Bluehost. Ad Nets Review is also hosted on Bluehost since its launch in 2014. You can click here to check its discounted hosting plans. They are also providing a free domain with their hosting plans. So, it’s a great opportunity to save your some bucks and get a dedicated quality hosting for your website.


I recommend everybody to purchase a shared hosting plan at the start. I am saying this because initially you will not get high traffic to your newly launched URL shortener ad network. And, many a times i have seen that people get bored from their new projects and quit them. I am also one of those people 😉 .

So, by doing this if somehow you quit your project you will not lose much of your money. At the same time if your ad network starts getting good amount of traffic then you can upgrade your plan anytime.

To promote your newly launched URL shortener you can submit it to our website. At the moment we are promoting new ad networks for free till 31st December 2019. So, grab this opportunity and promote your ad networks here.

URL Shortener Script:

There are many URL shortener scripts available in the market. Some of which are outdated whereas some come with all latest feature. And, one of my favorite URL shortener is available on Envato Marketplace. You can check the demo or buy this script by clicking the below link.


This script is a ready to use script and its installation process is quite simple. Anybody can install this script within few minutes and have his/her URL shortener ad network ready for launch.

The developer of this script provides an installation guide with the script. Also, if you face any kind of trouble in installing the script then you can ask the developer to install the script for you.

I have also decided to create a step by step installation guide for this script. That particular post will be available in next 5 or 10 days, so, if you are new to our website then you can bookmark it. I will also update this post with the link to the installation guide. So, keep checking our website for updates.


Domain is the most important thing when it comes to start a URL shortener ad network. URL shortener ad networks don’t have a good reputation in eyes of Google and that is the reason why i always recommend my website users to purchase two domains for their URL Shortener ad network.

Use one domain name as your website’s primary domain. And, use the other domain as your shortening domain. So, anytime you get penalty from Google your primary domain will remain safe. You always get penalty on your shortening domain which you can change anytime. This will also save you from changing name of your URL shortener again and again.

So, these are the basic things that you need to start a URL shortener ad network. It is actually more than easy to start a URL shortener these days. So, if you are planning to launch your own URL shortener then go ahead and launch it.

Thank You For Reading This Article. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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