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LinkbucksLinkbucks is one of the oldest URL shorteners which is online since 2005. It is also one of the first URL shorteners that i tried and got payment from it. But, from quite sometime there was no news about it and i thought this URL shortener is not active anymore. But since i had not got any official confirmation from anybody so i did not remove its links from my website.

However, some of my sent referral were still using it. But, my revenue from them was very low which made me think that i am getting this money just because of some old active links. But, i was wrong ! There were some of my referrals who were actually using Linkbucks and making me some referral income.

Finally at last i reached the minimum payout limit of $10. So, a couple of days ago i requested my payment from Linkbucks. And, within their payout time period of NET15 days they sent me my money.

Frankly speaking i was not expecting payment from Linkbucks as i was not hearing much about it from my visitors or other publishers on other websites.

But, Linkbucks proved that it is still active and paying.

I was actually excited to tell you guys that this URL shortener is still paying. You can see its latest payment proof below.



This small payment from Linkbucks again proved that old ad networks are always good. They know how to deal with the changing marketing conditions. That is also the reason why i always tell my visitors to check the networks’ age before joining them.


If an ad network is more than one year old then you can join it. This doesn’t mean new ad networks are not good, i am saying this because if you just want to be on safer side then always join an old ad network.

Thinking Of Joining Linkbucks ?


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