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Duxads ReviewDuxads premium ad network is a hybrid advertising company. This means that all ads shown are paid per click but with the bonus when a conversion occurs the publisher gets a nice compensation.


  • Get paid per click + paid per action!
  • Get paid every month to your PayPal account when you reach $50 ($500 if wire);
  • No traffic requirements to get accepted, but we don’t accept adult sites;
  • Easy to use control panel, new version coming soon!
  • Get support from one of our reps in a few clicks;
  • Enjoy our system that automatically optimizes the ads shown on your website, displaying only the ones that really convert!


  • Hybrid system that increases your ROI;
  • Pay per click and pay per action (optional).
  • When a conversion (CPA) is achieve get your recent paid clicks refunded!
  • Intelligent and state of the art system that automatically optimizes your ad campaging;
  • Next generation ad targeting system;
  • Our system automatically does A/B split tests;
  • State of the art anti fraud system;
  • Friendly and competent support team;
  • Start an  ad campaign with only $10!

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Duxads Details:

Network Type: CPC, CPA
Ad Formats: Banner, In-Text
Minimum Payout: 50$
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire
Referral Program: No
Referral Program Details: N/A
Contact: admin@duxads(.)com
Website URL: http://duxads(.)com

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