Ninzaa Network Review

ninzaa-network-reviewNinzaa network is a new ad network which serves non-adult banner and pop-up ads to publishers. Ninzaa network claims to provide the highest rates in the industry or at least better rates than your previous ad network.

This ad network uses both CPM and CPC pricing models so its beneficial for both high traffic websites and websites with high click through rate. Ninzaa network doesn’t have very high requirements so all level publishers can apply to join this network. The only requirement is, your website should contain original content and it should look professional.

Ninzaa network also offers premium accounts for large publishers. The requirements for premium account are simple and very well explained on their blog. It has lots of benefits for publishers. The benefits for premium account are discussed below:

  • Weekly payments. For other accounts, the payment is on Net 15 basis.
  • You will get high CPM rates than other publishers.
  • You can join to their weekly hang out to discuss about the advertising industry.

The requirements for their premium account are as follows:

  • Your website should contain real content and must update on regular basis.
  • Your website must have 50k real traffic per day.
  • You must not be banned from Google Adsense before. Though this is their requirement, but i don’t think its a valid thing to put in requirements. As Google has very strict terms and Google ads are highly click bombed so sometimes there’s no publisher’s fault behind it. Anyways, its their requirement, so, you must be aware of it.
  • Your traffic must be genuine. They check traffic on regular basis.

Sign Up And Approval:

The sign up and approval process is simple. The all you need is to fill up their registration form and submit it. And after verifying your email you can instantly log in to your account.

In your account, you need to submit your website for approval and once it is approved by them then you can insert their ad codes on your website to start generating revenue from them.

Ad Formats:

Ninzaa network offers banner ads and pop-up ads as its solution to publishers.

Stats Reporting System:

Ninzaa network offers a good stats reporting system which shows stats in real time. Its stats reporting system shows impression, clicks, today’s earnings, monthly earnings, pending payments, total paid out. It also offers a graph which shows clicks and impressions on daily basis.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Ninzaa network is 50$.

Payment Frequency:

Ninzaa network pays its publishers on Net 15 terms. For premium account holders, the payments are made on weekly basis.

Payment Options:

Ninzaa network offers PayPal and Payoneer as its payment options to publishers.

Referral Program:

Ninzaa network offers a good 10% referral commission program to its users.

Network Closed !

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Ninzaa Network Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM, CPC
Ad Formats: Banner Ads, Pop-Up Ads
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Frequency: Net15
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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