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puff-network-reviewPuff Network is a display advertising network which provides multiple advertising solutions for both desktop and mobile devices. This network mainly offers banner and native ads that you can display on your website to earn money. The ads offered by this network are of high quality and free from any kind of malwares. To ensure the quality of ads and safety of its publishers this network uses an advanced fraud detection system which scans their ads for common malwares and poor quality ads.

Also, since this network is a non-adult advertising network, so, you get only non-adult content ads for your website.

Puff Network offers ads for almost all niche websites in non-adult content category. So, whatever niche content website you have, you can monetize it with this network. In addition to its high quality ads this network also provides 100% fill rate and offers competitive rates to ensure that you get maximum revenue for your traffic.

Apart from the high quality ads and competitive rates this network also offers a very advanced stats reporting system where you can generate advanced reports of your traffic by using multiple filters. Its stats reporting section also contains a graph section where you can see the graphical representation of your stats.

Sign Up And Approval Process:

Puff Network provides an easy sign up process for publishers. To join this network, you just need to fill in their sign up form and submit it. After that you get instant access to your account, however, you will be required to submit your website for approval before you can start displaying their ads to earn money.

You can submit your website for approval by going into channels section of your dashboard.

Payment Details:

Puff Networks pays its publishers on daily basis and it has a very low minimum payout of only 10$ that even small publishers can reach with little efforts.

The payment methods used by this network are PayPal and Wire Transfer. For wire transfer the minimum payout is 100$.

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Puff Network Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Native Ads
Minimum Payout:$10
Payment Frequency:Daily
Payment Methods:PayPal, Wire
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:https://puffnetwork.com

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