How To Delete A WordPress Website Completely From Cpanel ?

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how-to-delete-a-wordpress-website-completely-from-cpanelDo you want to delete your WordPress website ? But, you don’t know how to do it then you have visited the right place. Today, in this post i am going tell you how you can delete your WordPress website completely from your hosting Cpanel.

So, just follow this simple step by step guide and get your WordPress website deleted in few minutes.

How To Delete A WordPress Website From Cpanel ?

To delete your website permanently from your cpanel you need to delete two things:

  1. Website Database
  2. Website Files

In addition to that you can also delete the user account associated to your database, which will be of no use after the deletion of the database.

So, How To Delete A WordPress Website Database ?

To delete a WordPress website database, you first need to log in to your hosting account. There you need to visit your cpanel and look for database tools section.


In your database tools you will find MySQL databases. Just click on it and you will be taken to your databases page.


On this page you will be shown all your websites databases and users associated to them.


Now, first find the database of the website which you want to delete. If you know the database name of your WordPress website then simply go to actions section and click on delete. Otherwise, you can refer the below link to find the database name of your WordPress website:

Once you click the delete link then you will be taken to a new page where it will give you a warning and ask you to confirm that you want to delete your database permanently.


There you need to click on Delete Database to continue the deletion process. Once you click the Delete Database button then your website database will be permanently deleted.

Then again go back to the same databases page. Just scroll down the page and there you will see a list of users associated to different databases. If you know the user associated with your database then simply delete it. Usually we all have one user for each of our WordPress website databases whose username is given next to the database name.

Otherwise, you can follow the below link where i have also explained how you can find your database username:


Once you delete these two things your first step will be completed. Now, move on to the second step, that is, website files.

How To Delete WordPress Website Files From Cpanel ?

To delete your WordPress website files. Go to Files section of your cpanel. There you will find File Manager. Simply click on file manager to manage your files.

File manager in cpanel

Once you click on File manager a window will pop-up which will ask you to select directory. Simply select Home Directory from the available options as shown in below screenshot and click on Submit button.

selecting home directory in file manager in cpanel

When you click the submit button then you will be taken to your files section where you can see your all files.

In files section click on Public_html to see all your websites Files Folders.

public_html folder in file manager

Simply select the website folder that you want to delete and right click over it. Then from the list select delete to delete the files of your website. In below screenshot i have deleted the files of my website named SlingShotsIndia.

deleting a wordpress website files from file manager

Once you delete these files your website will be completely removed from your cpanel. You will no longer be able to access your website.

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