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AdHexa Vs AdsCorpMedia ComparisonAdHexa and AdsCorpMedia are both new advertising networks. They are CPM/CPC based networks which pay for both clicks and impressions. Both of these networks offer some good facilities and claim that they offer highest rates in the industry.

AdsCorpMedia claims that they share 100% revenue with their publishers whereas AdHexa says that it offer highest CPM in industry, so, you can boost your revenue by more than 200%. Both of these networks are getting popularity because they offer some good facilities like good CPM rates, automated system, fast payments, real time reporting, and multiple ad formats.

These are the facilities that these networks offer to its publishers but if you are confused about which network to choose then this comparison can help you. In this comparison i will try to focus on all the facilities offered by them including rates offered. At the end of this article i have added a short comparison table on which you can see their quick comparison. So, lets start with AdHexa:


  • AdHexa is a CPM/CPC based network, so, you will get paid for both impressions and clicks.
  • In my opinion AdHexa pays better for impressions, so, if your site doesn’t generate much clicks then you can prefer AdHexa. Overall rates for clicks and impressions are decent for all traffic.
  • Ad Quality: AdHexa’s ads are good, they are clean and free from any kind of spam. But, the only thing that makes me little worry about their ads are – They are little slow in loading as compared to AdsCorpMedia ads. But quality wise their ads are good and show pages relevant content.
  • Ad Formats: AdHexa homepage says that they offer three ad formats which are banner, pop under, and direct link ads but in actual currently they offers only banner ads.
  • They only offer 3 banner sizes – 728*90, 160*600, 300*250. So, in this field i think they can work.
  • AdHexa uses an automatic ad optimization system that optimizes ads according to your website and pages which results in better CTR and earnings.
  • They have real time time reporting system, so, you can see your stats and reports anytime.
  • It has low minimum payout of only 5$, which makes it easy to reach the minimum payout and withdraw your earnings.
  • Its payment frequency is ordinary but good. It pays its users on Monthly or Net 30 basis. However, the best part about their payment frequency is that they are flexible on payments, so, you can contact them to pay you on Net 7 or Net 15 basis. They are good in this field.
  • AdHexa offers two payment options to its publishers, which are PayPal and Skrill.


  • Its another newcomer in advertising market. AdsCorpMedia also uses CPM/CPC model to pay its publishers, which means you will get paid for both clicks as well as impressions.
  • It is also good in terms of CPM rates. It doesn’t offer high rates but you will get decent rates. However, the rates may vary for your traffic. But, overall you will get decent rates for all traffic.
  • Ad Quality: AdsCorpMedia’s ads quality is also good. They serve clean and spam free ads and also, they give you the freedom to stop any unwanted ad campaign anytime.
  • Ad Formats: AdsCorpMedia offers two ad formats – Banner and pop under ads. They offer more banner sizes as compared to AdHexa which makes it easier to place ads on different sections of your website.
  • The banner sizes offered by AdsCorpMedia are – 120*600, 300*250, 160*600, 728*90, 468*60.
  • AdsCorpMedia also uses advanced advertising system that provides best suited ads based on content and country.
  • AdsCorpMedia offers a detailed reporting system which runs in real time and offers multiple filtering features, so, you can better analyze your stats.
  • Their minimum payout limit is high as compared to AdHexa but it is still a low. AdsCorpMedia has a low minimum payout of 10$.
  • In terms of payment frequency AdsCorpMedia is same as AdHexa as it pays on Net 30 basis. However, it offers a better payment frequency for premium publishers. It pays its premium publishers on Net 15 terms.
  • AdsCorpMedia offers 4 payment options to publishers, which are PayPal, Skrill, Wire and Check.

Quick Comparison:

 FeaturesAdHexa AdsCorpMedia
 Network Type: CPM, CPC CPM, CPC
 Approval: Easy 🙂 Easy 🙂
 Ad Formats: Banner Ads Only Banner, Pop Under Ads
 Banner Sizes: 728*90, 160*600, 300*250 160*600, 120*600, 728*90, 300*250, 468*60
 Ad Optimization:  
 Real Time Reporting System:  
 Minimum Payout: 5$ 10$
 Payment Frequency: Net 30, Net 7, Net 15 Net 30, Net 15
 Payment Options: PayPal, Skrill PayPal, Skrill, Wire, Check
 Support: support@adscorpmedia(.)com
 Website Link: http://adscorpmedia(.)com (Network Closed)

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