10 Best Pop-under Ad Networks 2017

10-best-pop-under-ad-networksNowadays, as banner advertising is getting less effective, so, publishers and advertisers are looking for new innovative ad formats that can perform well for them. And one of the innovative ad format is Pop-up or Pop-Under Ads. Pop-under ads are not new in advertising industry but they are highly effective and generate high revenue for publishers.

Some people may find pop under ads annoying but if you use them effectively with proper capping and targeting then they perform really well as compared to conventional banners. Also, pop-under ads are less intrusive as compared to pop-up ads which also makes this ad format very popular. However, both pop-up and pop-under ads perform well for both publishers and advertisers.

Pop-under ads are getting popular because they not only perform well but the ad networks offer very high rates for pop-under ads as compared to conventional banner ads. However, both of the ad formats have their pros and cons, so, i will not go into deep and will focus on the topic only.

So, here is a list of some best pop-under ad networks that you can use on your website to generate some good revenue out of it.

Featured Pop-Under Ad Network Of The Month

Network Name Network Type Minimum Payout Payment Frequency Payment Options Website
PopMyAds CPM $5 Daily PayPal, Payza, Wire Join Now

10 Best pop Under Ad Networks 2017


Our regular visitors may have seen me promoting PopAds from the very start of this website and may be you are tiered of seeing PopAds again and again 😉 . But, the reason for promoting it is simple, this ad network is great and you can’t deny it. It performs for me and for various other publishers and that is the reason why i never hesitate in recommending it.

PopAds offers all the facilities that a publisher seeks from an ad network. It offers high rates, pays quickly and offers a very low minimum payout of 5$. PopAds is a very popular ad network and you can understand if something is popular that means it has some quality. So, if you are looking for a robust ad network that can offer you high CPM rates and premium facilities then you can go for PopAds.

>>>Visit PopAds<<<


PopCash is another my favorite ad network. I used it after i found that PopAds doesn’t count each impression, however, PopAds pays very high rates for the impressions that it counts. PopCash is also a very reliable ad network on which you can trust. And the best thing, it counts each and every impressions which helps you in getting the maximum benefit from your website.

PopCash also offers high rates, offers a low minimum payout of 10$ only and pays on daily basis. So, giving a try to PopCash is not a bad option.

>>>Visit PopCash<<<


I am using PopMyAds from almost 1 and a half year (not continuously, rather in shifts) and it has always performed good for me. Though, i have a bad habit of testing new ad networks and that is the reason why i have never used it for a long run. But, whenever i used it, it paid me on time and every time. I have uploaded my latest payment proof here that you can check by clicking here.

I always recommend PopMyAds to my website visitors as it a good ad network and you may hardly find much bad reviews about it. So, if you are looking for an alternative of PopAds or PopCash then this ad network is for you. So, why not give it a try ?

>>>Visit PopMyAds<<<


If you need a premium high paying network with multiple ad formats then Adsterra is for you. Adsterra is for those who want to fully monetize their website with a single complete solution. Adsterra offers multiple ad formats which gives you the freedom from searching ad networks for different ad formats. On Adsterra, the all you need is to choose the best ad formats for your website and sit back and enjoy your earnings.

I have written a very descriptive review of Adsterra because i believe this ad network has the potential to beat any big ad network. Adsterra offers very high rates, pays quickly and offers multiple payments options for the ease of its publishers. Another reason of putting Adsterra to this list is, it pays high rates for pop-under ads as it is their best performing ad unit. So, if you need an ad network with complete solution then Adsterra is for you. However, you can use it for Pop Ads only as it is their best performing ad unit.

>>>Visit Adsterra<<<


This year PopxXx has emerged as a good pop-under ad network where you can join confidently. It provides all premium facilities to publishers like high eCPM, 100% fill rate, counts all impressions, low minimum payout of only 10$, daily payments, multiple payment options, detailed stats and an attractive referral program.

I have uploaded its latest payment proof in the review of this network that you can check. For more payment proofs you can like our Facebook Page. Overall, this new pop-under ad network seems to be good, so, if you are tiered of above networks then you can give it a try.

>>>Visit PopxXx<<<


PopEarn has always been a good ad network liked by many publishers. It has simple terms, easy to use interface and all premium facilities like any other premium ad network. It provides high payout rates to publishers as it uses bidding system which ensures you always get highest CPM rates for your traffic.

PopEarn is a specialized pop-under ad network and therefore, it provides all facilities that you expect from a pop-under ad network. It also has low minimum payout of only 10$ and it pays publishers on weekly basis.

This ad network is online since 2015 and it is still running successfully without any issues, so, you can give this ad network a try.

>>>Visit PopEarn<<<


Ad-Maven is another premium advertising network that can give you the best results for your inventory. Ad-Maven has specialization in pop-under advertising and therefore, it delivers the best content driven pop-under ads that increase CTR and leads resulting in higher revenue for you.

Though, Ad-Maven has specialization in Pop-Under ads but it also offers other ad units. The other ad units offered by Ad-Maven are Light Box and interstitial ads. The other ad formats give you the flexibility to try different ad units and their combinations on your website to generate maximum revenue.

Apart from the above mentioned ad formats, Ad-Maven is currently working on Banner Ad Units and it will be available for publishers very soon. We will inform you about this when the banner ads will be available for publishers.

As being a premium advertising network Ad-Maven offers some great services like multiple payment options, great support via Skype and email, maximum fill rates, high quality and high paying ads for all niche websites including adult content websites.

Ad-Maven is a complete solution for publishers. However, if you are looking to use it only for pop-under ads then this ad network will surely not disappoint you.

>>>Visit Ad-Maven<<<


It is also one of the ad network in my favorite list. As i said above i keep testing new networks, so, i have also tested it and it also performed well for me. It has paid me on time and every time and therefore, i recommend it to everyone.

CPMoz also offers high rates, low minimum payout and pays quickly. CPMoz doesn’t accept adult content websites, so, if you are looking for a pop under ad network for you adult content website then CPMoz is not a choice. However, it is a good choice for non adult content website owners.

>>>Visit CPMoz<<<


PropellerAds is another great option to monetize your website. PropellerAds is also a good network and it pays its users on time without any issues. You may find many good reviews about this network where you can see they are legitimate and paying their users on time. However, i have read some bad reviews about it where people say it offers very low rates, but what i have found, their pop-under ads perform well as compared to banner ads. And we all know, banner ads have become less effective nowadays.

So, if you want to join it for pop-under ads then PropellerAds is also a great option. However, it offers multiple ad formats that you can also try because i believe its traffic which decides how good rates you are going to get from an ad network.

>>>Visit PropellerAds<<<


(Not Recommended)

Popvertizer is new as compared to all the above mentioned ad networks but it seems to be great network. It is offering very high rates for publishers. Another great thing they have recently updated their entire platform and personally speaking i just love their dashboard, it provides all the necessary details with graphs, charts and tables. And, i am frequently notified by them if they have some good rates to offer for my traffic.

Though, its a new ad network but i believe its here for long run and with the kind of premium services it is offering, i just couldn’t resist my self from placing it here. But, still we have the entire year to test it. However, for now it is offering high rates and great services, so, giving Popvertizer a try is not a bad idea.

>>>Visit Popvetizer<<<


(Network Closed)

It is another new ad network which i believe to be placed here because of the rates and the kind of services it is offering. Though, it is new but it offers some good services like high rates, low minimum payouts, and fast payments. Also, Popvertising accepts both adult and non-adult content websites, so, you can give it a try too.

>>>Visit Popvertising<<<
Number 9 & 10 are still to come 🙂 , so, be patient and keep visiting.

Final Words:

All the above mentioned ad networks are good to use. They all are paying and have many good reviews on various websites and forums. So, you can choose any of the ad networks that best suits for you. And one more thing, don’t forget to check the below links to get the full details about these ad networks. I have mentioned all the necessary details about these ad networks on their specific reviews.

Since, its just the start of this year, so, i have left two slots open for ad networks. I will add 2 more ad networks there when i will find some deserving ad network. So, keep visiting our website for latest updates and don’t forget to bookmark this page for later references as i update my posts on regular basis.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Can you do me a favor ? If you like this article then please share it on your favorite social network, so, other can also get benefit of it.

Happy Earnings and Keep Visiting 🙂

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