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foxar-media-reviewFoxar Media is a Pay Per Click digital advertising network which provides opportunity to both publishers and advertisers to take advantage of their service. On Foxar Media, advertisers can sell their ads to publishers whereas publishers get the opportunity to earn money by displaying advertisers ads on their website.

Foxar Media doesn’t use any third party service or exchange network. They provide advertisements directly from advertisers which let them provide highest revenue share to publishers.

Foxar Media is a global advertising network, so, it accepts worldwide publishers. So, if any publisher from any part of the world wants to earn money by displaying advertisement can join this ad network.

The ads offered by Foxar Media are of high quality and 100% secure with SSL security. It only offers banner ads of various verticals. These banner ads could be text or display banners. You can always choose it from the dashboard to either show text banners or display banners or both banners.

Foxar Media only delivers non-adult content ads, so, if you are looking to monetize your adult content website then this network is not a choice. However, you can try some other adult advertising networks listed on our website.

Sign Up And Approval:

Sign up and approval process on Foxar Media is quick and easy. Like conventional ad networks, to sign up on Foxar Media, you just need to fill up a simple registration form and submit it. After submitting your form, you will receive an account activation link on your registered email that you will have to click to activate your account.

Once your account is activated then you can instantly login to your account and submit your website for approval. And, once your website is approved by them then you can start displaying their ads on your website.

Their review process is quick. In my case they approved my website within 30 minutes of submission.

Foxar Media provides both advertiser’s and publisher’s account in a single account, so, there’s no need to register separately for each kind of account.

Ad Formats:

As i already mentioned above Foxar Media offers only content driven banner ads which could be text or display banners. The ads are of high quality and safe from any kind of spam. They do not run any redirecting, spam or malware campaigns to ensure brand safety.

Stats Reporting System:

Foxar Media offers a simple but effective stats reporting system which shows overall stats and time based stats. Its stats reporting system shows date, impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and profit. It also offers a descriptive graph which shows impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and profit.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Foxar Media is 100$.

Payment Frequency:

Foxar Media doesn’t like holding publishers payment for any specific time and therefore it pays them on request.  So, as soon as you reach your minimum payout limit, you can request your payment and you will be paid on the very same day.

Payment Options:

Foxar Media offers Payoneer, Payza and Advcash as its payment options to publishers.

Referral Program:

Foxar Media doesn’t offer any referral program to users.

Thinking Of Joining Foxar Media ?

Sign-Up-Now-ButtonNetwork Closed !

Foxar Media Details At A Glance:

Network Type:PPC, CPC
Ad Formats:Banner Ads
Minimum Payout:$100
Payment Frequency:On Request
Payment Methods:Payoneer, Payza, Advcash
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:https://foxarmedia(.)com

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