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yesadvertising-review-2017YesAdvertising is a premium ad network which offers its innovative and high quality services to publishers and advertisers. There are various reasons behind saying this ad network a premium ad network. One of the major reason is, YesAdvertising is a product of YesUp Media Inc, which is a very well known online advertising company. YesUp Media Inc was founded in 1999 and at the moment it runs various specialized ad networks. This company has over 17 years of experience in advertising industry, so, you can understand how stable and reliable company it is.

The other factors that make YesAdvertising a premium ad network are:

  • It provides high quality and innovative solutions to both publishers and advertisers.
  • YesAdvertising serves ads in more than 180 countries. It serves over 500 million impressions everyday.
  • YesAdvertising has thousands of publishers and advertisers all around the world.
  • YesAdvertising works over a unified ad network platform CPXcenter, which was developed by YesUp Media Inc in 2013 by investing over a million dollar. This unified platform is developed for prescribing data, optimizing campaigns, scoring traffic and targeting audiences across mobile, web, email and videos.
  • This ad network has various top known advertising and publisher partners. Some of the known advertisers of YesAdvertising are Aliexpress, Bet365, Lycos, eToro, FriendFinder etc. Some of the know publisher partners of YesAdvertising are (a premium paid URL Shortener), hostadvice, iDROPNEWS etc.
  • It has over 150000 active publisher websites and it runs over 5000 active campaigns on daily basis.

For Publishers:

As a publisher if you are looking to monetize your website then YesAdvertising can be a great option for you. YesAdvertising doesn’t have hard and fast rules like most of the other premium ad networks. They allow all level publishers to join their ad network and monetize their websites with premium publisher’s solutions. They provide instant access to publishers account and let all publishers to generate ad code to place on their website.

Since, YesAdvertising has tonnes of advertising partners from all around the world, so, it offers 100% fill rates. Their highly advanced platform automatically picks the best and high paying ads for your website to ensure you will get the maximum profit from their ad network. YesAdvertising is one of the very few ad networks which is very flexible. Here flexibility means, you can either let the system pick the ads for your website or you can even select the ads by yourself to run on your website.

It being a premium ad network takes care of safety of its publishers. They check all campaigns twice before delivering them to publishers. First all campaigns are scanned through and then their audit team double checks them to ensure safety of publishers.

Apart from these special facilities, YesAdvertising offers various great services like multiple ad formats, weekly payouts, multiple payment options, average minimum payout, detailed stats, high paying and content driven ads, real-time reporting, multiple solutions for app developers, 10% referral commission program, and a great support.

For Advertisers:

As an advertiser if you are looking to promote your product or services then YesAdvertising can be a great solution for you. You will love to work with a company which has years of experience in the online advertising industry. It has tonnes of publishers from all around the world so you can expect a higher ROI from it. Not only this, their highly advanced platform and in-depth targeting let you reach the desired audience for your campaigns.

With YesAdvertising you can start your campaign in minutes. Being a premium ad network they offer genuine pricing. The minimum deposit required to start a campaign on YesAdvertising is only 100$. And, you can set starting bid price as low as 0.0005$. They offer CPM, CPV, and CPC advertising models, so, you can choose the best one for your campaigns.

YesAdvertising has over 50 staff members which are always ready to assist you, so, you expect a great support from YesAdvertising. They provide a dedicated account manager to all advertisers to quickly assist them. There are various advantages of advertising with YesAdvertising like automatic optimization of your campaigns, flexible pricing models, user friendly platform, split testing, detailed stats, various targeting features, desktop and mobile tracking etc.

Sign Up And Approval:

As i already mentioned above YesAdvertising doesn’t have hard and fast rules and it allows all level publishers to take the advantage of their premium service. So, sign up is easy on YesAdvertising. To sign up on YesAdvertising, the all you need is to fill up a simple registration form and submit it. After submitting your form, you can instantly log in to your account. There is no need to activate your account or no email verification required. However, you will receive a confirmation email of successful account creation.

They offer Publisher, Advertiser and Referral section in a single account, so, there’s no need to register for separate accounts. You can access all three sections from a single account.

Inside your account you can generate ad codes to display on your website or you can start your campaign.

YesAdvertising doesn’t accept adult content websites.

Ad Formats:

YesAdvertising offers multiple ad formats to its publishers which include text ads, banner ads and pop-under ads. They offer all standard and non-standard banner sizes, so, you can place their ads on any section of your website.

Stats Reporting System:

YesAdvertising offers a detailed stats reporting system to both publishers and advertisers. Their publishers stats reporting system shows date, views, clicks, earnings, conversions, denies, actions, total paid funds, total unpaid funds, paid referral earnings, and unpaid referrals earnings. It also offers a graph and table which show performance reports of last 7 days.

It also offers some filters that you can use to breakdown your reports.

Their advertisers stats reporting system shows date, CPX, views, clicks, conversions, CTR, EPC, eCPM, spending, actions and available funds. It also offers a chart and a table which show performance report of campaigns for last 7 days.

It also offers some filters that you can use to breakdown your reports.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on YesAdvertising is 50$.

Payment Frequency:

YesAdvertising pays its publishers on weekly basis.

Payment Options:

YesAdvertising offers PayPal, Check and Payoneer as its payment options to publishers.

Referral Program:

YesAdvertising offers a 10% referral commission program to its users.

Payment Proof:



Network Closed !

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YesAdvertising Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, CPV
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Text Ads, Pop-Under Ads
Minimum Payout:$50
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Check, Payoneer
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
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Website URL:http://yesadvertising(.)com

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