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AdXchanger is one of the most interesting ad exchanges of all time.

It provides ad networks and high-traffic publishers with the ability to monetize 100% of their traffic by exchanging unsold traffic for new traffic.

Here’s how the system works:

1. An ad network sends all of the traffic they can’t sell to a link provided by AdXchanger.

2. AdXchanger will send that traffic to other members of the exchange and credit the ad network for each visitor.

3. For every hit a network sends to AdXchanger, they will send back the same amount of traffic to that ad network – but it won’t be the same traffic, it’ll be traffic from other networks that are part of the exchange.

4. Ad networks can then try to monetize the new traffic they receive by selling it to their advertisers.

5. When ad networks can’t monetize certain traffic sent to them by AdXchanger, they simply redirect it back to AdXchanger and the process starts over.

Here’s a great example of how the system works:

EXAMPLE: Your ad network has 500,000 visitors they can’t monetize, so, you send it to AdXchanger. Then, AdXchanger will send you back 500,000 new visitors to the link of your choice. Let’s say you can only monetize 300,000 visits out of the 500,000 sent to you. So, you simply send the unsold traffic back into AdXchanger and it’ll replace it with new traffic.

At the end of the day, you end up monetize 100% of your network’s traffic by constantly trading traffic you can’t sell for traffic you can sell.

AdXchanger works with ad networks, other exchanges, and high-traffic publishers. The only restriction is that traffic cannot be sent to adult websites.

Please contact and mention that you were referred by Ad Nets Review to get an account setup in their exchange. It’s 100% free and normally takes less than 24 hours to get setup.

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AdXchanger Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM, POP, Direct Links
Ad Formats: Pop-Up, Pop-Under, Redirects, Direct Links
Minimum Payout: N/A
Payment Frequency: Instant
Payment Methods: Traffic
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
Website URL:

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