5 New Paying URL Shorteners Of 2015

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5-new-paying-url-shortener-2015My love for URL shortener website is not hidden from anyone. I love these URL shorteners because they provide easy opportunities to newbies to earn money online as well as make some handsome income for website and blog owners.

Two years back when i was looking for online money making opportunities and i was trying everything to find an easy way to earn money that time i came to know about Adf.ly which easily earned me online income, which was my first payment from any URL shortener website. The amount was not big, it was around 7$ but as being a newbie it was good for me. Also, it gave me confidence that i can easily earn money online and from that day i became the fan of URL shortener websites.

Nowadays i earn a decent regular income from them and therefore, i love promoting new URL shortener websites. So, today i will share some of the new URL shortener websites of 2015.

The list which i am going to share with you consist of some very good URL shorteners, all of these URL shorteners are looking promising to me. I have excluded all the other new URL shorteners that doesn’t seem to be promising, so, you can give them a try confidently.

5 new paying URL shorteners of 2015:


Binbucks is one of my favorite ad network, its the newest among all and seems to be very promising. Their website is very well developed. Their website’s user interface is very good, you will love to use their website. Apart from their well developed website they offers very high rates and pay very quick to its users. They pay within 3 days of request, i have already received one payment from them and they paid me within 24 hours of request.

As being an Indian i received payment directly to my bank account as they offer direct bank transfer to Indian users, which saved my some earnings from being paid as a fees to payment processors. For international users they offer other payment options like PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin. Overall Binbucks seems to be a very promising network so you can give it a try.

You can see my Binbucks payment proof here.

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Ouo is one of the oldest among all these URL shorteners. It was started early in this year and so far i have received multiple payments from it. And the best part i like about this URL shortener is that it has never delayed any payments so far. I receive payments from it on 1st and 15th of every month. The rates it offers are high.

The regular members here may have seen their banner on top of this website for a couple of months. The only reason for promoting it, is its working for me as well people are loving it. So, if you are looking for a reliable ad network then you can give it a try.

Ouo Payment Proof

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(Not Paying Anymore)

Another new paying URL shortener. LinkPaid offers the minimum payout among all and pays faster than anyone else. The minimum payout on LinkPaid is only $1 and it pays on daily basis. So, if you like testing URL shorteners then you can give it a try as its minimum payout is very low and payment frequency is quick too. Their website is nicely designed and the network seems to be promising because some ad network offer low minimum payout just to get the confidence of their users. You can use this URL shortener for the following reasons – low minimum payout, fast payments, and high rates.

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Another great URL shortener in this list. If you want some other ad formats along with your normal interstitial ads then you can give LinkIm a try. Likewise above three URL shorteners it also offers high rates to its users. Minimum payout is also low and it pays on weekly basis, so, overall its a good ad network and you can give it a try for its ad formats.

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Spaste is also a new paying URL shortener. It also offers pastebin service where you can earn money by creating paste, actually pastebin is a tool which allows you to earn money from your valuable content, code, text etc.

In pastebin you have to paste or enter the code or text then it generates a link, then you can share that link to earn money like you earn from shorten links. Spaste also offers high rates, its minimum payout is low, and the best of all it pays on daily basis, so, you can also give it a try.

Binbucks also offers a very advance pastebin service, so, if you like pastebins then you can also try Binbucks.

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