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clickcpm-reviewClickCPM is a pop-under ad network where advertisers can buy targeted traffic for their campaigns whereas publishers can generate high revenues from their websites as they share over 60% revenue with their publishers.

For publishers, ClickCPM is an ad network which offers high eCPM for more than 240 countries. ClickCPM doesn’t ask publishers to have any specific amount of traffic which means all level publishers can apply to join this network. ClickCPM accepts all niche websites including adult content websites and accept all traffic from all Geo’s. They even count the raw traffic which means higher earnings for publishers.

However, they accept all niche websites but make sure to have a good quality website as they manually review all websites for quality, so, it would be great to check your website once before submitting it for review. You can check your website for quality and also check whether it complies with their terms or not. This not only give benefit in getting approval but also save the time of both, you and the ad network.

ClickCPM offers various benefits to publishers:

  • High eCPM, they offer high eCPM for over 240 countries.
  • Accept worldwide publishers.
  • Accept all niche websites and traffic. They pay for all the traffic, it doesn’t matter from which Geo your traffic is coming. They also pay for raw traffic.
  • On-time payments, they pay on bi-weekly basis and the minimum payout is only 10$.
  • Fast approval, ClickCPM is one of the very active ad network and they also have liberal terms which ensure faster approval of your website.
  • Detailed stats, they offer an advanced real-time stats reporting system where you can see detailed stats of your ads.
  • Great support, they offer 24/7 support via Email and Skype.

For advertisers, ClickCPM offers the best targeted traffic to advertisers as they have publishers from all Geo’s and they manually review each and every website for quality before approving it.

They offer multiple targeting options like website, country, category, device and operating system which further ensures that you will get the most targeted traffic for your campaign. Not only that, they also provide anti-cheat protection for your campaigns, which saves your campaigns for any kind of bot or fake traffic.

There are several other benefits that ClickCPM offers to its advertisers:

  • Low cost advertising, the minimum deposit required to start a campaign is only 30$.
  • Minimum bid starts from only 0.001$ per impression.
  • Full control over campaigns.
  • Multiple targeting options.
  • Detailed real-time stats.
  • Multiple funding options, they accept payments via PayPal and Payoneer.
  • Great support via Skype and Email.

They have maintained a very good FAQ section for advertisers, where a great tutorial is available with all the necessary screenshots, so, don’t forget to check it once before joining it.

Sign Up And Approval:

As they accept all niche website and traffic, so, sign up and approval on ClickCPM is quiet easy. To sign up on ClickCPM, the all you need is to fill up a small registration form and submit it. And, after verifying your email you can instantly log in to your account.

Inside your account, you are required to submit your website for approval and once it is approved by them then you can start showing their ads to earn money. They do not take much time to approve any website, usually all websites are approved within few hours or few minutes of submission. However, it may take up to 72 hours to get approval from them.

In my case they approved my website within 20 minutes of submission. So, you can understand how quick they are in reviewing publishers websites.

Ad Formats:

As being a specialized pop-under advertising network, it offers only pop-under ads to its publishers. However, you can set the frequency cap for your pop-under ads and you can generate ads for desktop and mobile devices separately or for both.

You can even set the category for your website to get the best possible ads for your website.

Stats Reporting System:

ClickCPM offers a very advanced stats reporting system which shows daily and country wise stats. It also offers a graph where you can see a graphical representation of your daily earnings, unique impressions and raw impressions.

Their stats reporting system shows raw impressions, unique impressions, amount earned, and eCPM on daily basis. It also offers various filters like time duration, website and country to filter out your reports helping in effective optimization of ad units.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on ClickCPM is only 10$. So, whether you are small publisher or large, you can easily reach that total and request a payout.

Payment Frequency:

ClickCPM pays its publishers on biweekly basis.

Payment Options:

ClickCPM offers PayPal as its only payment option to publishers.

Referral Program:

ClickCPM doesn’t offer any referral program to its users.

Thinking Of Joining ClickCPM ?

ClickCPM Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM
Ad Formats:Pop-under Ads
Minimum Payout:$10
Payment Frequency:Biweekly
Payment Methods:PayPal
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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