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popbounty reviewPopBounty is a pop-under and direct link advertising network. It is global ad network so it pays for worldwide traffic. Publishers from any part of the world can join it and make money by displaying their ads.

They claim to provide highest possible CPM rates for worldwide traffic with 100% fill rates. Like many other Pop-under advertising network they also provide ads for both mainstream and adult websites. So, whether you own a mainstream website or an adult content website, you can monetize it with PopBounty.

The best thing about PopBounty is, they don’t require you to submit your website for approval. Thus, there is no need to wait for your website’s approval. All website on this ad network are already pre-approved which means as soon as you register on their website, you can start displaying their ads and start earning money.

Like many other Pop-Under Ad Networks, they have also kept their minimum payout limit low to $10 only. Also, they pay pretty fast. They have a payment on request policy which means you will be paid immediately or within 24 hours of payment request.

As far as payment options are concerned they offer two different payment options to withdraw your earnings. These payment options are PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Requirements and Restrictions:

There are no such hard and fast requirements on this ad network. However, you must have a website to monetize it. Otherwise, you can only make money through their referral program by sending new publishers to their ad network.

They accept both adult and non-adult content websites so you can monetize them both.

Also, as they auto-approve all publishers websites so you are not required to submit your website for approval.

They don’t accept fake traffic or traffic from PTC websites so beware from sending such traffic to them. Also, they don’t accept any website that is involved in promotion of violence, spreading malwares and illegal content etc. You can read their terms and conditions for full details about their restrictions.

Overall, they have pretty simple guidelines so most publishers qualify for them.

Sign Up And Approval Process:

The sign up process on PopBounty is pretty simple, you just need to fill in a simple registration form and submit it. Once you submit the form, your account creates and you can start earning money by displaying their ads on your website.

As all websites on this ad network are auto-approved, so, there’s no need to submit your website for approval.

Ad Formats:

As I have already said above they offer only two ad formats which are Pop-under ads and direct link ads.

Stats Reporting System:

PopBounty offers a very detailed stats reporting system that comes with multiple filters. Their stats reporting system shows stats in real time so you are not required to wait for hours or days to see your stats changing.

Payment Details:

PopBounty has a low minimum payout limit of $10 only which means that you need to earn at least $10 to withdraw your earnings. As far as payment frequency is concerned they pay publishers on request.

The payment options they offer to publishers are PayPal and Wire Transfer. They also have plans to launch few more payment options so stay tuned for updates.

Referral Program:

Like most of the other pop-under ad networks they also offer 10% referral commission program through which you can earn some extra bucks by referring new publishers to them.

Payment Proof:

We have not reached the minimum payout limit yet so we can’t upload the payment proof for now. But, it will be uploaded soon. If you have already received a payment from this ad network then please share it with us in the comments, it will be a great help for us and other publishers.

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PopBounty Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, Pop-under, Direct Link
Ad Formats:Pop-Under Ads, Direct Link Ads
Minimum Payout:$10
Payment Frequency:Daily
Payment Methods:PayPal, Wire
Referral Program:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon

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