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okamiads-reviewOkamiAds is a digital advertising network that provides innovative monetization solutions to worldwide publishers. This ad network mainly offers three kinds of ads which include Smartlink, Banner and Pop-under Ads.

The company thrives to provide best monetization solutions to publishers by presenting innovative and flexible advertising technologies. Their platform uses a set of algorithms that optimize your traffic and deliver the best CPM rates to you.

OkamiAds doesn’t have any hard and fast rules for publishers. In-short they like to keep things simple. To ensure simplicity they offer you a simple and fast signup and approval process. Also, they make fast payments. They use Weekly payment system and they have set a low minimum payout limit of $10 only.

Being a global advertising network, it allows you to monetize your worldwide traffic. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to put their ads on non-adult content websites. In simple words they are a non-adult advertising network. So, putting their ad codes adult content website may result in a permanent ban of your account.

This ad network also uses multiple payment models which include CPM, CPC, CPV and CPA which ensure highest payment for your traffic.

Lastly, they provide a good support, so, anytime you need their help then you can easily contact them via their chat box.

Signup And Approval Process:

As i have already said above this ad network likes to keep things simple so it doesn’t have any hard and fast requirements. For signup requirements, you just need a non-adult content website.

They offer a basic short and crisp signup form where you just need to provide your name, email and set a password for your account. Once you fill-in their short signup form then you need to submit it. After submitting your form you will get an email verification link on your registered email that you need to click to verify your email ownership and activating your account.

Once you activate your account then you get instant access to it. Inside your account you need to submit your website and verify your ownership. Again, this is simple process. Either you can add their provided meta tag in the header section of your website or insert their provided file in the root directory of your website.

Once you verify the ownership of your website then you are ready to go. You can display their ads and start earning money.

Ad Formats:

OkamiAds offers you three different types of ads for monetization. These ads include Smartlink, Banner and Pop-under Ads.

Stats Reporting System:

To keep things simple this ad network offers you a very clean and detailed stats reporting system which include a chart and a table that show all necessary stats of your traffic.

Payment Details:

OkamiAds has set a low minimum payout limit for publishers so that they can easily reach it and withdraw their earnings. Their minimum payout limit is $10 only. Also, they offer two payment options for withdrawals. These payment options are PayPal and Bitcoin.

They pay their users on Weekly basis.

Referral Program:

Being a new ad network it also needs promotions. And, for that they offer a good 10% referral commission program to publishers. So, take it as an opportunity and start referring your friends and colleagues for some extra income.

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OkamiAds Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV
Ad Formats:Smartlink, Banner and Pop-under Ads
Minimum Payout:$10
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Bitcoin
Referral Program:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon

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