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InHouseAd ReviewAs the title of this post suggests, InHouseAd is a digital advertising network that offers pop and push based monetization solutions to publishers. It uses CPC model to pay its publishers. So, if you were looking for a CPC based advertising network then you can give it a try.

Like many other CPC based advertising networks it also offers higher CPC rates for worldwide traffic. In addition to that they accept all kind of websites including adult and mainstream websites.

They also don’t have any minimum traffic requirements but they do review your website before allowing you to display their ads on your website.

They have a mid range minimum payout limit of $50. This means that if you are a new publisher with low traffic volumes then you may find it hard to reach this minimum payout limit. But, if you have a established website with some good amount of traffic then you can easily reach this minimum payout limit.

Another good thing about this ad network is, they offer different payment frequencies depending upon your website’s performance. They have NET15, NET30 and NET45 days payment frequencies. You can also contact them regarding payment frequencies if you are a big publisher.

Like its multiple payment frequencies, InHouseAd also offers you multiple payment options for withdrawal so that you can easily withdraw your funds. They offer PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney and Wire as their payment option to publishers.

Why Should You Join InHouseAds ?

There are multiple reasons for joining this ad network:

  • They offer two types of ads – PopAds and Push Ads
  • They offer high CPC rates for worldwide traffic.
  • Their ads are of high quality thus don’t annoy your visitors.
  • They have a professional team to support you.
  • They offer you multiple payment options for withdrawals.
  • Flexible payment frequency.
  • They offer you a detailed stats reporting system for tracking your website performance.

Do They Offer Any Referral Commission Program ?

No, they don’t offer any referral commission program. This means the only way to earn money from this ad network is by displaying their ads on your website.

For Advertisers:

If you were looking to advertise your products and services via push or pop ads then you can give this ad network a try. They offer CPC and CPM based models for advertising. Their In-House platform lets you set up your campaign as per your requirements. They offer you multiple filters to get the most out of your campaigns.

In addition to that they have a professional support team that remains ready to assist you anytime. They can even help you in setting up your first campaign and get the best advertising services.

They also have a sophisticated traffic monitoring system that continuously monitors the traffic for quality.

Thinking Of Joining InHouseAds ?

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InHouseAds Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPC
Ad Formats:Pop, Push, In-page Push
Minimum Payout:$50
Payment Frequency:NET15, NET30, NET45
Payment Methods:PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Wire
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
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