How To Generate More Traffic For Links ?

how to generate more traffic for linksIf you are using for monetizing your links but you are not getting the expected results then you have visited the right place. In this post i am going to tell you how to generate more traffic for your links ?.

I am using from last 6 years and it has generated me lots of money. It is still generating me money and i receive payments from it on a regular basis. If you are one of our regular visitors then you might have noticed that we often promote more as compared to other URL shorteners. Do you know why ?


It is pretty reliable and one can use it to generate regular income from it. And, it also makes our jobs easy. People often ask me which URL shortener to use and in reply i always say as my first option.

Apart from being a reliable URL shortener ad network there are some other things that make me recommend this URL shortener to others. These things are:

  • High CPM rates
  • Timely Payouts
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Dedicated support

So, basically is one of the best URL shorteners that you can use to monetize your links. But, how to generate traffic for links ?

Many people fail in making money from just because they don’t know the right strategies. Generating traffic for links is not the toughest thing if you know the right strategy.

Before i jump on to the strategies, i would like to tell you one thing straightforward, nobody will bother to click your links if you don’t provide the things that they are looking for. People usually don’t have time to click any link which is of no use for them.

So, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that your shorten link must have some value. With ‘Value’ i mean to say, it should provide something that people are looking for.

Now that you know your link must have some value, so, it’s time to discuss some key strategies for generating traffic for links.

Key Strategies for Generating More Traffic for Links:

Below are some key strategies that you can use to generate traffic for your links:

Create a Website:

Most people who visit our website have their own websites which they monetize via different ad formats. Some of them even monetize them through shorten links.

So, the first thing that you need to generate traffic for your Adfly links is to create a website. Also, keep in mind that you have to create a website that could provide something valuable to your visitors say a free software, a file, a freebie etc.

People can bear ads if they get something valuable, so, make sure to create a website which provides something to your visitors.

If you provide something valuable to them then make it worth. Simply use your shorten links on those particular files. People will desperately click them to get those files. This will be beneficial for both of you, i.e, you and your visitors.

Also, people remember and bookmark those websites that provide valuable things to them. So, it would be a bonus for you as you will likely be going to get a regular visitor for your website.

Few things to note while creating a website:

Apart from creating a valuable website. You must have a easy to remember domain and name for your website. People usually like short names as they are easy to remember. Also, try to purchase a domain with ‘.com’ extension as most people still type .com in the end of the name to reach a specific website.

If you have not created a website yet so you can purchase a web hosting plan from FastComet. It is one of the best web hosting companies. Our website is also hosted on FastComet. The reason behind recommending you FastComet is, it provides cloud hosting at the price of shared hosting.

Also, it offers a fully featured hosting at a budgeted price. As far as domain is concerned then you can purchase it from NameCheap as it provides cheapest domains in the market. Also, it provides you free domain privacy.

If you are planning to create WordPress website then you can follow the below tutorial to install WordPress on FastComet.

Another Bonus: While using shorten links on your website, make sure to “nofollow” them as it will avoid any penalty on your website from Google.

Few Things to Do After Creating a Website:

Once you have created a website so make sure to publish valuable content. If you are writing blog posts so make sure to write attractive and quality content. Make your website SEO friendly in terms of content, speed and many other factors.

If your website is loading slow then you can refer the below article to speed up your WordPress website:

Once you have published some quality content and made your website SEO friendly then it’s time to promote it. You can generate some backlinks from popular websites. Be it nofollow or dofollow, our prime concern at the moment is to get some traffic from those links.

Websites like Quora, Medium etc allow you to post links along with your content. So, make sure to write some content on these websites and give a backlink to your website. These websites help you to get some traffic on your website.

Try to write guest posts on websites to get additional traffic on your website. You can also join many forums and create backlinks for your website.

Create a YouTube Channel:

You know the potential of YouTube. These days YouTube is one the best platforms to get the traffic to your website.

On YouTube you can create your own channel and attract visitors to your website. You can tell them about your website and its advantages. You can even give them links in the description of your videos. If you upload some awesome videos on your channel then they will fetch lots of traffic to your website.

In addition to that on YouTube you can apply for Google Adsense and monetize your YouTube channel. So, overall it will be a double bonus for you.

Make Use Of Social Media:

There are many big social platforms that get tons of traffic everyday. You can take advantage of these platforms. You can directly call your followers to check out your website or you can create your website’s fan page and post regular content to attract visitors.

The only thing that you need to make most from your links is the punctuality. The more punctual you are in posting content and videos the more traffic you will get and the more you will earn.

You can take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other social platforms to get lots of traffic on your website.

Just make sure not to share your links on these platforms as they will then consider it as a scam and may ban your account permanently.

Comment on Websites:

Yes, you heard right ! Like posting content make a habit of visiting some websites on a regular basis. This will not only get you a backlink to your website but it will also keep you updated.

When we see other users content then we get new ideas. We get to know what people like and how others are doing on the internet. So, make sure to visit few websites on a regular basis. While commenting just check whether they allow you to post your website link on not.

If their comment form allows you then write a descriptive comment about their content. Help them correcting things if you find something wrong. This way you will get a comment backlink and hence some visitors for your website.

Some Important Things:

If I sum up everything then I would say, create a single website and give your best efforts to promote it. This will save your lots of time and give popularity to your website. If you create too many websites then it will become difficult for you to promote them.

Another important thing to note here is, create a website which provides legal content. Don’t provide any illegal, copyrighted content on your website because later or sooner your website will be penalized by Google and it may also get you in trouble. So, keep yourself and your hard work safe !

Create daily backups of your website. Many web hosting companies like FastComet, SiteGround etc create daily backups of your website so make sure to purchase hosting from such hosting providers.

Final Words:

So, these were some basic strategies that you can use to generate more traffic for your links. Frankly, has lots of potential and it is still one of the best URL shorteners. So, before giving try to any other URL shortener just give a try to, i am sure you won’t be disappointed !

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