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adnetsreview-logoWe have now decided to promote our website on various social networks so that we can easily reach our audience and update them about latest changes made by ad networks, to provide them list of new ad networks, to show them the latest payment proof, and much more.

Why we are getting social ?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, many of our visitors contact us to provide the latest payment proofs of ad networks. Since, it is difficult for us to update all posts on a regular basis just for latest payment proofs, so, we have decided to choose a better and simple way of doing this.

Note: All new ad network directories and reviewing websites owners can take our latest payment proofs from our Facebook page to upload on their website. There is no need to give any credit to us, however, if you like giving us credit then it will be highly appreciated.

We usually update our posts once in every 2-3 months until or unless any ad network goes off, or starts doing unfair practices with its publishers. In such case we immediately update our posts so that none of our visitors get scammed by them.

Another major reason was, you may have seen our news page which we started to update our publishers about latest news of ad networks but because our list of ad networks is getting huge, so, it is becoming difficult for us to provide all news in a single post, and also, we do not want to create very tiny post of one or two lines, which will just fill up our website with junk posts and we believe, you don’t like them too because for us our quality and our visitors are first preference.

We have decided to get a widget that can scroll the latest news about ad networks but along with that we will also share all the latest updates about ad networks on social websites because 90% of the internet users visit social networks once in a day.

There is one more reason for doing this, we have a big goal to achieve, we have started this website to become a successful directory which could maintain quality and provide a very good user experience to our visitors, so far, we are getting positive response from our visitors and therefore we are dedicated to make our website a brand name.

With all your kind support we wish we will achieve our targets very soon.

Why we have started promotion very late ?

Ad Nets Review is now 11 months old and our anniversary is coming on next month, which means we have not promoted our website for 11 months long period. People start promoting their websites from the very first day they start their website but we had a different view, we had decided first to get the enough resources like a good number of payment proofs, a good list of ad networks, good relationship with ad networks, so, that we keep our visitors updated, and the best of all a good relation with our visitors.

Currently we have 330+ ad networks in our directory (we do not add junks) and more than 1000 payment proofs to share with you. Even after having a small list of ad networks we get sufficient amount of traffic from search engines and have maintained some good number of regular visitors to our website, this is just because we have quality on our website, not quantity.

We are desperate to help our visitors at any point of time and therefore, we do our best for this !

kindly help us and promote us on social networks, currently we are focusing on promoting us on Facebook, and we believe with your kind support we will achieve this target too.

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