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viglink-reviewVigLink is a CPC, CPA model based advertising network that provides publishers an opportunity to monetize their websites or blogs with link inventory at full market value, whereas, it helps advertisers to sell their affiliate links on top publisher websites.

Let me get more simple here, VigLink is an ad network with which you can monetize the links present on your website. Not only you can monetize the links present on your website but you can even let VigLink to select keywords from your website and convert them into revenue generating links.

VigLink is not limited to website owners only, if you have a fan page or a group with some good amount of followers even then you can make a good revenue from their platform.

Let me dig into more deeper, so, you can understand about their products and easily monetize your links.

What Products VigLink Offers ?

VigLink offers three products to monetize your links:

VigLink Convert:

If you have VigLink script installed on your website and VigLink convert is active then all the external links (links pointing to other websites) will be converted into affiliate links. Also, if you have broken links, suppose, you write somewhere and you forgot to link it then VigLink will also convert this broken link into affiliate link.

VigLink Insert:

VigLink insert is my favorite product as it selects the keywords from your content and makes them affiliate links. It is somewhat different from the other in-text advertising networks links like Infolinks, Clicksor, InfinityAds etc, as here on hovering the mouse over these links no advertisement appears.

These links look like other genuine links present on your website and do not affect the user experience. People click these links thinking they are clicking the normal links. These links are content driven, so, there’s no need to worry about anything.

You can even track the websites where these links are sending the traffic.

VigLink Anywhere:

VigLink gives you the freedom to go beyond your website or apps. If you have link then sort it with their tool and it will be converted into an affiliate link. You can share these links anywhere, so, if you have a fan page or a group with lots of people following you then you can share these links with your followers and earn some good revenue from them.

Is it not enough ? or you think your website doesn’t perform well with affiliate programs then there’s another option for you. Just promote VigLink only, yes, just promote it as VigLink offers a great 35% referral commission program. However, it is limited to one year, which means you will get 35% commission from your referral for one year only. But, it is a great referral program, very few ad networks offer that high referral commission program.

Few Things To Note:

  • They use JavaScript code to convert and insert links like most of the other in-text ad networks, so, its SEO friendly and doesn’t affect your website in anyway.
  • Their script only converts external links into affiliate links, so, you don’t have to worry about your internal links.
  • Their script doesn’t convert other affiliate links present on your website, so, don’t worry about them.
  • Their is script is fast loading and hence doesn’t slow down your website.
  • VigLink is a very popular ad network and is used by some top publishers.
  • VigLink works with top merchants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc
  • VigLink is open to all level publishers, so, if you have a good website that can generate leads then you can join it. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have, the only requirement is, your website should comply with their terms.

VigLink is also a good option for forum owners as it provides a seamless integration, so, there is no overhead of inserting affiliate links in your content. And the best part it doesn’t affect your users experience. You can set VigLink to show affiliate links only to visitors (that are not logged in) not members. Its totally up to you.

Benefits Of VigLinks:

  • You don’t loose any space on your website.
  • You can monetize your external links and insert affiliate links with no headache.
  • Get rid of using lots of affiliate programs, suppose you are using 3-4 affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay etc so, you are required to reach minimum payout for all of them to request your payment. But with VigLink, you will be getting all the income on your single account and there is no minimum payout, so, whatever you have in your account will be paid on the payments day.
  • All level publishers can join VigLink.
  • A very detailed stats reporting system.
  • Great support via Phone and Email.
  • A very attractive referral program.

Thinking Of Joining VigLink ?
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VigLink Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPC, CPA
Ad Formats: In-Text, Affiliate Links
Minimum Payout: No Minimum Payout
Payment Frequency: Net 60
Payment Methods: PayPal
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
35% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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