Review is a new Shorten URL service where you can shorten your links and share them over internet to earn money. is CPM, CPV shorten URL service where you will be paid for impressions. offers high CPM rates for some countries whereas the rates for most of the countries are decent that you can check on their website. website looks very decent and provides a simple and very effective user interface. You will not face any trouble while using as the site is designed well enough to provide a good user experience. You can even translate the site in your own language as it supports multiple languages. offers multiple ad formats with different payout rates which provides you some additional opportunities to earn a decent income out of it. It also offers fast payments, low minimum payout and, multiple payment options which ensures that you will be paid quickly and with your preferred payment method.


Since its a shorten URL service so there’s no need of having a blog or website to register on it. Sign up process is quiet easy, their registration form ask you some basic details like username, password, email etc. And once you submit it, the all you need is to activate your account by clicking on the activation link that they send to your registered email. Once your email is verified then you can log in to your account and start shortening and sharing your links to earn money.


As i said earlier, it pays high rates for some countries but for most of the countries the rates are decent. They have different rates for different ad formats but it pays high rates for interstitial ads rather than any other format, which is good as it’s a shorten URL service and they are mainly known for interstitial ads.

AD FORMATS: offers three different ad formats, which are Interstitial ads, Top Banner Ads, and Video Ads.

TOOLS OFFERED: offers sufficient tools by using which you can increase your earnings. They offers some tools like Mass URL Shortener, Page Script, and Widget. At the moment it offers only these three tools to its publishers but they are looking to add few more tools like API, Start Script etc.


Stats reporting system offered by doesn’t look very attractive but it provides enough details that you want as a publisher. It shows number of shorten links, your balance, views today, views in  last 7 days etc.

MINIMUM PAYOUT: has a very low minimum payout that you can easily accumulate to withdraw your earnings, which is only 10$.

PAYMENT FREQUENCY: pays on every Friday, which means the request made from Saturday to Thursday will be paid on Friday. For the first payment they make a security check like few other shorten URL services. So, before you are able to make your first withdrawal, your pending balance will be held for a period of 5 business days before it is transferred to your available balance. This hold is made as a precautionary safety measure and will only be made prior to your first withdrawal.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: offers two different payment options to its publishers, which are PayPal and Payza.


Like most of the shorten URL services, also offers a referral program to its users, which is applicable for both advertisers and publishers, which means you can refer both publishers and advertisers to earn a 10% commission on publishers earnings and advertisers spent amount.

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  • Deleted my account for no reason and without any notification. Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM, CPV, Shorten URL
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads, Top Banner Ads, Video Ads
Minimum Payout: 10$
Payment Frequency: On Every Friday, Weekly
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payza
Payment Proof: Coming Soon
Website URL:

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