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AdWork Media is a global performing market and a CPA affiliate network which provides monetization solutions for the website owners, content publishers, and games and apps developers. AdWork Media basically provides locking tools with which you can lock your premium content, URL, or products. To unlock your inventory your visitors should have to complete an offer or survey, so, in this way you will earn money from AdWork Media. AdWork Media is online since 2010 and serving its publishers with very innovative tools to monetize their inventory. In addition to its locking services AdWork Media provides some other tools like it offers a Offer Wall from which you can select specific offers to promote on your website to earn money. And also they offer rotating banner that you can place on your site to promote products based on your country, targeted audience, or by category. AdWork Media offers various payment options and also pays in various currencies, so, you can choose your required currency to get paid. AdWork Media offers a very dedicated support, as your account is approved by them you will be assigned a Performance Manager for your account. You can contact him/her via Skype, Aim, or directly call him or her regarding any query.

Requirements And Restrictions:

  • No minimum traffic required.
  • Publisher’s site must be content based, not just a collection of links or advertisements.
  • Publisher’s website must be in good order, look professional and should be fully functional.
  • Publisher’s website must not link to or promote sexual material, profanity, hate material, violence, discrimination etc.
  • Publisher’s website must not be affiliated with software piracy, malware, spyware, adware, malicious software or services, and should not be linked in any other illegal activity.

Sign Up And Approval:

AdWork Media provides a long registration form that you have to fill up and submit to apply on it. Their registration form asks various details from publishers like name, email, password, address, other contact info including messenger Id’s and phone number, your promotion methods, how you find them, your websites etc. Approval is easy and quick, they approve websites with 24 hours. In my case they approved my site within half an hour after the registration.

Ad Formats:

The ad formats offered by AdWork Media are Link locker ads, Content Locker Ads, Product Locker ads (all of these are intermission ads), Rotating Banner Ads (which displays various products in rotation), and an Offer Wall from which you can select the affiliate links to promote on your website or blog.

Stats Reporting System:

AdWork Media offers a very good reporting system which updates in every 1 hour. Their reporting system shows various details like campaigns, clicks, leads, payouts, total earnings, CR and EPC. Their reporting system also offers various filters like Country reports, Hourly Reports, Sub Id Reports, Gateway Reports, Product Locker Reports, Reports based on specific time period like today, yesterday report, past 7 days, monthly, yearly and specific date to date reports.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on AdWork Media is neither very high nor very low, it is in between. The minimum payout limit is 35$.

Payment Frequency:

Payment Frequency depends on the publishers performance. Typically for all publishers they pay on Net 30 terms but if your earnings are more than 500$ then you can request payments on Net 15 terms. Moreover, if you earn 3000$ or more then you will be eligible for Net7 payment terms.

Payment Options:

AdWork Media offers lots of payment options to its publishers, which are Payoneer, PayPal, Check, ACH Direct Deposite (US only), Payza, Western Union, Local Bank Transfers and Wire Transfer for international publishers. Moreover, you can select the currency in which you want to be paid.

Referral Program:

AdWork Media offers a 3% referral commission program for lifetime.

Thinking Of Joining AdWork Media ?

Sign Up NowAdWork Media Details At A Glance:

Network Type:  CPA, CPL, CPS, Affiliate
Ad Formats:  Link Locker, Content Locker, Product Locker, Offer Wall (Affiliate Links), Rotating Banners
Minimum Payout:  35$
Payment Frequency:  Net 30, Net 15, Net 7
Payment Methods:  Payoneer, PayPal, Payza, Check, Bank Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposits (US only), Western Union, and Local Bank Tansfer
Network Popularity:  High
Alexa Rank:  17,485 (06/02/2015)
Google PageRank:  3/10 (06/02/2015)
  • No minimum traffic required.
  • Content based, professional and functional website.
  • Website must not contain, link to, or promote sexual, violent, discrimination, malware, software piracy, or any other illegal activity.
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