ChemiCloud Review 2021 – Is It A Reliable Web Hosting ?

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ChemiCloud ReviewAre you looking for ChemiCloud Review ? If yes, then you have visited the right place as in this post i am going to review this web hosting company.

Before i start my review, I would like to give you an overview of what i am going to talk about ChemiCloud in this review.

In this review, I will give you a brief overview of ChemiCloud, tell you about what kinds of hosting it offers, test its server for speed, uptime and performance, tell you about its features and pricing, and, lastly i would suggest you whether it is good for your website or not.

So, keep on reading this ChemiCloud review to get all of these details.

A Brief Overview Of ChemiCloud:


ChemiCloud is a USA based web hosting company that provides web hosting services to worldwide users. Though, it is not popular as SiteGround, Bluehost etc but it is growing quickly. The reason behind its quick growth is the quality of service that it offers to its customers.

You can read many good reviews about ChemiCloud on various web hosting review websites. However, i believe this review would be enough to provide you all the details about this company.

ChemiCloud is an independently owned web hosting provider whose entire income comes from its customers and therefore, it takes its customers as top priority.

The team working behind this company has a huge experience of over 10 years in web hosting so you can expect a high quality support from them.

The best part about this hosting provider is, its all services are based on cloud servers that provide maximized uptime, easy scalability, improved performance and faster speeds for your website.


Types of Hosting offered by ChemiCloud:


ChemiCloud offers almost all kinds of hosting except dedicated servers hosting. These hosting types include:

Shared Hosting: Like almost all other providers in the industry ChemiCloud also offers shared hosting to users. With this hosting you can host different types of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Custom made websites etc.

You can go for their shared hosting by clicking the web hosting link on their website.

WordPress Hosting: It is a type of shared hosting which is dedicated to WordPress. In this hosting, servers are optimized for WordPress, thus, you get an overall improved performance for your WordPress Website.

Joomla Hosting: Similar to WordPress hosting, here servers are optimized for Joomla to get an overall improved performance.

Drupal Hosting: This hosting type is dedicated to Drupal, thus, you get an overall improved performance for your Drupal website.

Cloud VPS: It is a kind of hosting that leverages the benefits of both Cloud and VPS hosting. It is best for high traffic websites that need more resources. Also, it provides easy scaling options, utmost privacy and fast speeds to users.

If you have a high traffic website then their Cloud VPS hosting is the all you need.

Reseller Hosting: It is a kind of web hosting that allows you to create your own web hosting company without worrying about server management, technical support etc. This kind of hosting is best for designers and agencies.

Now that you know what kinds of hosting ChemiCloud offers to you, so, it’s time to review its speed, uptime and performance.


Speed Test:


These days when speed has become a major ranking factor on search engines so your website must load fast. For getting the best speeds for your website you can host it at the nearest location to your targeted visitors.

As ChemiCloud offers multiple data centers in various locations so you can select the best one of your choice.

For testing the speed of its servers, i performed a speed test for a website that is hosted on its Singapore’s data center. And, you know what results i got when i performed the test ?


Just see it by yourself.


Speed test of ChemiCloud ServersIts servers performed extremely well for all the testing locations. You can see its time in Singapore, it’s only 1 millisecond. Another great thing is, the website performed really well for India as its primary target are Indian visitors.

The website also loaded quick in US which is extremely far from Singapore. So, in terms of speed, ChemiCloud performed extremely well.

Here’s another result of speed test performed for a website hosted on its London based data center.

Speed test results of ChemiCloud servers

Just look at these results and decide by yourself whether it provides amazing speeds or not ?

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Now, let’s check its uptime and performance.


Uptime And Performance Test:


As ChemiCloud uses cloud severs for all of its services so you can expect a maximized uptime and an improved performance for your website.

For checking its server for uptime and performance, i monitored a website for a couple of days. And, you will be glad to know that its servers remained up for all the time. Below you can see our test results:

ChemiCloud Review uptime test result

In the above image you can see ChemiCloud servers performed extremely well. They provided 100% uptime for our test site.

performance test result

As far as performance is concerned, you can see its servers’ average response time for last 24 hours is 209.27 milliseconds and its one week’s average response time is 232 milliseconds, which is great ! There’s only one spike that we got during these 7 days of test. If it was not there then the average response time would have been even better.


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Now that you have seen its uptime, speed and performance test results so its time to talk about some of its great features that you get with almost all of its plans.


Key Features Offered By ChemiCloud:


Below is a list of some key features that ChemiCloud offers to its users:

Worldwide Data Centers:

Being a cloud based hosting provider ChemiCloud offers you 7 data centers worldwide where you can host your website. These data centers are located in San Francisco (US), New York (US), Amsterdam (UK), London (UK), Bucharest (Romania), Singapore (Singapore) and Bangalore (India).

ChemiCloud data centers location

Having a data center close to your targeted traffic makes your website extremely fast for your visitors. It even helps you in ranking above in search results for your targeted region. Also, a fast loading website provides a better user experience and generates more leads and sales.

Free Domain Name For Life:

This is the best thing that i like about ChemiCloud. It offers a free domain name with all of its annual plans. And, the best of all, it renews your domain for free every year until you remain its customer.

So, if you want to save some money then you can go for ChemiCloud.

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99.99% Uptime:

The company claims to provide 99.99% uptime to its users. This means that your website will always remain up for your visitors. In our uptime test the company has performed really well where it provided a 100% uptime for all the 7 days of test.

24/7 Dedicated Support:

ChemiCloud offers a ticket and live chat based support to its users. The average response time for tickets is 10 minutes and their live chat option provides an instant support. Also, ChemiCloud has an experienced support staff that provides you an in-depth support for your website.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee:

ChemiCloud gives you a 45 days money back guarantee, so, if you don’t like its service then you can take your refund and shift to another host.

SSD Storage:

Unlike many web hosting providers that offer HDD storage, ChemiCloud offers you SSD storage with all of its plans.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, these drives are made for serving data much faster as compared to Hard Disk Drives (HDD). As SSDs serve data faster than HDDs so you get faster speeds for your website.

Free Migration Service:

If you want to shift your website from your current host then you can do it easily. They offer free migrations with all of their plans.

Free SSL:

These days SSL is very important for websites. Google wants everybody to have SSL certificates for their domains. So, if you want free SSL certificates for all your domains then you can go for ChemiCloud. It provides Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to its users for free of cost.

Reliable Email Service:

ChemiCloud provides free email service with all of its hosting plans where you can create unlimited email accounts. This saves you some additional money.

Free Daily Backups:

This is the best thing that they include with all of their plans. Frankly, i like only those hosting plans that offer free daily backup service. This saves your lots of time and money when things go awry.


Till now we were talking about ChemiCloud’s performance, speed, uptime and features so it’s time to check whether it is budget friendly or not ?




If you compare ChemiCloud with other providers then you will find it quite cheap as compared to most of them. ‘

A basic web hosting plan on ChemiCloud starts for just $2.77 per month. Isn’t it cheap ?

Actually its all kinds of hosting plans are cheap. It shared hosting plans start for just $2.77 per month whereas its reseller and Cloud VPS hosting plans start for $6.99 and $79.95 per month respectively.

Though, its Cloud VPS plan looks expensive but when you compare its features with other providers then you will find it pretty cheap as compared to them.

So, overall ChemiCloud offers plans for all pockets. Whether you are a starter or a big enterprise, you can host your website on ChemiCloud at a budgeted price.

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ChemiCloud Review 2021 | Pros & Cons:



  • Value for money web hosting
  • Fast speed & maximized uptime
  • Multiple hosting types
  • Excellent support
  • All SSD hosting
  • Plans for all pockets


  • Less popular
  • No dedicated hosting


Is ChemiCloud a Reliable Web Hosting ?


From our tests you can see how reliable it is.

ChemiCloud provided a 100% uptime in our uptime test. Also, it performed extremely well in our speed and performance tests so in my opinion it is pretty reliable web hosting.

You can find many good reviews about it on various review websites. For you convenience i have added some screenshots of user reviews about it. You can check these reviews below:

Users Reviews

What’s Your Stand on ChemiCloud ?


If you ask my opinion then i would say, this company has really impressed me. Though, it is not a very popular company but it is a good one. It performed really well in my speed and uptime tests.

Also, its plans are quite cost effective and made for every pocket. Whether you are a starter or a big enterprise you can host your website with it.

Another thing that really impressed me about this company is, its support. They are super quick in replying on user queries. So, if you want a budgeted and powerful web hosting solution for your website then you can go for ChemiCloud.


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At the moment winter sale is going on so you will get a huge 65% discount on all of its plans.

Final Words:


ChemiCloud is a good web hosting company that you can consider for hosting your website. It uses cloud servers for hosting websites, thus, you get maximized uptime and an overall improved performance for your website.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative of Cloudways then you can try ChemiCloud.

ChemiCloud Review At A Glance:














  • Value for money web hosting
  • Fast speed & maximized uptime
  • Excellent Support
  • Multiple hosting types
  • Plans for all pockets


  • Less popular
  • No dedicated hosting
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