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windtraffic-reviewWindTraffic is a self-service ad network that brings publishers and advertisers on a single platform to achieve their publishing and advertising goals. It provides variety of smart solutions that can help publishers and advertisers in achieving their goals.

Their platform uses deep targeting methods that help publishers in generating more leads which results in higher revenue for them. Their deep targeting techniques not only help publishers in earning higher revenues but it also help advertisers in getting right traffic for the right products.

WindTraffic works with worldwide publishers and advertisers so it doesn’t matter where you live you can work with them and achieve your publishing and advertising goals. Currently, they provide worldwide coverage with traffic from over 190 countries.

As far as their advertising solution is concerned, they provide a wide range of ad formats that can meet both publishers and advertisers demands. Their offered ad formats are banner, pop, push notifications, interstitial, direct link, slider, push down, VAST and inter-scroller.

Signup and Approval Process:

Unlike many other ad networks that impose tough requirements on publishers, Windtraffic likes to keep it simple. They have simple guidelines. Whether you are a new publisher or you are a professional, you can join this ad network. In addition to that you can monetize your both adult and non-adult content website with them.

As far as signup process is concerned, their signup process is very similar to many other ad networks where you need to fill-in a simple signup form and submit it. Once you submit your form you get instant access to your account, where you need to verify your website ownership.

Once you verify your website ownership, you can generate ad codes and put them on your website to earn money. As far as website approval is concerned, they provide instant website approval for most of the websites but sometimes it may take up to two hours.

Ad Formats:

As I have already mentioned above they provide various kinds of ad formats that you can display on your website to earn money. These ad formats are banner, pop, push notifications, interstitial, direct link, slider, push down, VAST and inter-scroller.

Stats Reporting System:

WindTraffic offers a detailed stats reporting system that shows stats in real-time. The thing that I like about their stats reporting system is, they offer various filters that you can use to filter-out reports as per your requirements.

Payment Details:

The minimum payout amount on WindTraffic is $100. This means that, you need to accumulate $100 in your account before you can make any withdrawals.

As far as payment frequency is concerned, they pay on Weekly basis. Usually, all payments are made on Mondays of every week.

To withdraw your earnings they offer three different payments options. These payment options are PayPal, Payonerr, USDT(TRC20).

Referral Program:

Like many other ad networks WindTraffic also offers you a referral program in which you can participate and earn 5% referral commission for lifetime.

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WindTraffic Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Formats:Banner, pop, push notifications, interstitial, direct link, slider, push down, VAST and inter-scroller.
Minimum Payout:$100
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payonerr, USDT(TRC20).
Referral Program:
5% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon

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