Leadbit Review – An International CPA Affiliate Network

Leadbit AdnetsreviewAffiliate marketing is quite a popular online making money technique. You have to promote some product offers and in exchange for your promotion you will receive a percentage of sales. Every time customer purchases through your link, the commission will be credited to you. You only have to refer buyers/users either through your blog, videos, social media, etc. Affiliate marketing is a relation between advertiser, publisher, and consumer. Excellent knowledge and proper planning can help you to become a skilled affiliate marketer. It also allows brands to improve the visibility and build strong customer base across the world.

Out there several online money making guides, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest to start. Since it does not require much money to get started, so anyone can initiate easily. Affiliate marketing is risk-free marketing technique because you will only get paid whenever some proper actions have been taken place. Other hand, companies pay only when they see the appropriate sales or activities. So, you can earn passive income without investing huge amount instead skill, some useful knowledge, and right product choice can result in your affiliate success.

If you are looking, how to make decent money online then affiliate marketing should be at the top on your list. You may saw, many brands who sell products or services offers marketers to join their affiliate program. They have the product, and you have the traffic, so affiliate networks allow these two to collaborate on a single platform. You need not worry about which product you should promote? Since, affiliate networks have several offers in the dashboard. Only you need to choose your favorite offers as per your traffic, target, region and start promoting with your skills.

Leadbit Review

So, you may be wondering which affiliate network is good to get started? Let me introduce, Leadbit – an International CPA affiliate network.

Established in 2012, Leadbit is a London based emerging global affiliate marketing network gained trusted name in Europe, Asia and LATAM. With their best support, Leadbit focus on providing exceptional service in the sector of affiliate marketing. They make product partnership between advertisers and publishers which drives more sales & users.

Leadbit is an integrated CPA network having the support system of highly experienced and professional affiliate managers. They aim to help each publisher with regular support and guidance on how to maximize the revenue. Unlike other affiliate network, Leadbit offers are not resale rather in-house campaigns hence they allow same day payment.

Leadbit mission is to help affiliate marketers to make passive income with an end to end support. They are also working behind to revolutionize the affiliate industry with future technologies and a wide range of offers.

Leadbit Offers’ Verticals:

  1.  Adult
  2. NutraCOD
  3. Gambling
  4. CPI
  5. Sweep stokes
  6. Click flow and pin submit
  7. Trials
  8. Form submission

Let’s understand in detail;

1. Nutra COD Offers

First of all, what exactly is NUTRA? The full is Nutraceutical or Nutritional Supplements. It means any product which is derived from food source with extra health conscious supplements. In other sense Vitamins, pills, testosterone boosters, skill cares, health supplements, etc. comes under Nutra products.

So, Leadbit allows such product promotions in COD offers. You have to select the product and promote through your blog, social media, YouTube, etc. Whenever someone fills the form (enter name and phone number), then Leadbit local customer centres confirm the Leads.

So, once your Lead successfully approved then you will be paid instantly. All these processes are quick.

2. Trials Offers

Under this offer, when your referral enters their credit cards to use subscriptions or pay for the product or services then you will be paid. So, promote the best you can.

3. Click Flow and Pin Submit Offers

Pin submit offers are really interesting and my favorite. Under this, whenever someone enters a phone number and verify with OTP then it will be counted as one successful lead.

4. Gambling Offers

Under this, Affiliate marketers will be get paid once the referred guy recharges their Gambling wallet. I recommend readers to target such audience who interested in bidding, gambling, casino, etc.

5. Form Submission Offers

Leadbit allows affiliate marketers to make money even with form submission offers. So, whenever your referral fills the form, then you will get the profits.

How to Join Leadbit CPA Network as Publisher?

The step is straightforward and quick. You have to visit publisher page and scroll down to see the sign-up form. Enter your credentials including your Skype Id such that Leadbit affiliate managers can connect you. Once all information has been submitted, then your application will go under review by Leadbit. To avoid spam registration and maintain the quality users Leadbit team verify before activating publishers account.

Below you can watch the explainer video to understand visually. I think this video will help you a lot.

Key features of Leadbit CPA Affiliate network:

  1. Minimum Payment – $25
  2. Payouts – Daily
  3. Promotional Material – Yes, Available for Free.
  4. Support – Personal Affiliate manager with 24/7 support.
  5. Support system – Skype or Tickets.
  6. Affiliate Tools – TDS, Banner rotator, Global PostBack, API and others useful tools available for free.
  7. Leadbit has their own tracking system that gives accurate and transparent results.
  8. They have call centers in more than 50 countries that make the system too fast.
  9. Leadbit allows high Payout offers in several verticals at one destination. You can choose the one you like and start promoting.
  10. Bonuses – You will get exclusive bonus offers from Leadbit industry-leading partners.

Thinking Of Joining Leadbit ?

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Leadbit Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPA, CPI, Affiliate Network
Ad Formats: Affiliate Offers, Banners and Other Promotional Material
Minimum Payout: $25
Payment Frequency: Daily
Payment Methods: PayPal, Paxum, Wire, Webmoney, ePayment, Credit/Debit Card Transfer
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Contact: Skype: leadbit24
Website URL: http://leadbit.com

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