Does Lower Website Traffic ?

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does lower website traffic

This is a very common question that people usually ask me. Whether using PopAds lower my website traffic or is it a good idea to use PopAds on my website ?. If you also have same doubts in your mind then you are at the right place. In this post I will try to get all your doubts clear. So, keep reading till the end.

Let’s first understand what is PopAds and how it works ?

Basically, PopAds is a pop-under ad network that let you put its pop-under ads on your website and when your website visitor view their ads then they pay you some amount for it. Basically, it’s a monetization solution for publishers and an advertising solution for advertisers.

The thing here that you must note is, PopAds is a POP-UNDER ad network which means that it provides only pop-under ads to publishers.

There are basically three types of pop-ads:


1. Pop-up Ads – Full screen ads that appear above the current window of the browser and block the viewers from viewing your website. These ads are highly intrusive in nature because viewers have to close the pop-up window for viewing your content.

2. Pop-under Ads – These are also full screen ads that appear behind the current window of your browser. Your visitors see these ads only when they close the browser. They remain open behind the current browser window and don’t affect your visitors browsing experience.

Because they don’t block your visitors from viewing your content, they are considered less intrusive in nature.

3 Overlay Ads – These ads are also like pop-up ads that appear above the current screen of your browser but they are in a lightbox form that people can close to view your content. They are quite intrusive like pop-up ads and affect the user experience. So, you must use them wisely.

Till now you must have understood the difference between these three types of Pop Ads. So, let’s come back to our topic,

Does PopAds Lower Website Traffic ?

As I have already said above that PopAds offer only Pop-under ads that are least intrusive among the three types of pop ads. So, if you use them properly then they may not affect your website traffic. However, the type of website you have also plays an important role.

Suppose, if you have a blog where you write quality content that people like reading then even wrongly placed banner ads can affect their user experience. In such case people may start leaving your website. Or, you may lose returning visitors.

On such websites, I don’t recommend you to use any kind of pop ads. However, you can use Overlay ads on such websites if they are of good quality and suits your viewers. But, I would again say you must use them wisely.

Now, let’s take another example where you can make lots of money with pop-under ads.

Suppose, you have an adult content website or you have a website where you provide valuable files to download. Then, in such case people don’t mind viewing such ads. That is the reason why many people with such websites use pop ads for monetization.

I also have a few websites like these and they are making me good income. You can read my review about PopAds where I have shown you multiple payment proofs that i have received from them.

So, if you ask me in short, then I would say the type of website on which you are using pop ads matters more as compared to the type of pop ads you are using.

There’s another factor that also plays an important role when it comes to the use pop ads. And, it is pop ads frequency. When I say pop ads frequency then it means how many pop-up or pop-under windows your website is opening for a specific user.

Most of the pop-under ad networks let you set your pop-up frequency. It is preferable to set one to two pop ads for every visitor in 24 hours. If you show more than that then visitors may start skipping your website and search for alternatives.

In case of PopAds which is one of the best pop-under ad networks, provides you multiple options to set up your ads. On their platform you can set your pop-under ads frequency as per your requirement. In addition to that you get many other customization options.

And, the best part is they even provide you multiple type of ad codes including anti-adblock ad codes. Their anti-adblock ad codes are pretty useful. They can bypass any type of ad blocker. However, you must need to change these ad codes frequently because ad blockers catch these ad codes and block them on timely basis.


If you only want to use Pop-under ads then you can go for it and set the pop-under ads frequency on lower side, that is, one or two ads per user within 24 hours. This will not affect your website traffic. But, if you have plans to use pop-up ads or Overlay ads then I would recommend you to use them wisely as they are pretty intrusive and cost your traffic.

As far as PopAds ad network is concerned, it is one of the best Pop-Under Ad Networks I have ever used. I have already made a lots of bucks from it. They are pretty good in offering higher payout rates. If you ask me then I would say it is one of my favorite ad networks which I am using for years and it is still paying me on time.

They have automated payments system and they process payments on daily basis. Getting approval on this ad network is also easy. And, the best part is, they have a very low minimum payout limit of $5 only that even small publishers can reach easily.

If you want to give a try to pop-under ads then I would recommend you to start with PopAds. I am sure that they will not disappoint you. Just try to be fair and provide as much as traffic you can if you want to make lots of money with them.

If you have still not joined PopAds, then you can go ahead and join it by clicking the below link:

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