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ads-ltc-reviewAds-LTC is a Litecoin based advertising network which offers pop-up and direct link ads to publishers. It is a non-adult advertising network so if you were looking for a non-adult advertising network the you can give it a try.

Being a Litecoin based advertising network it pays you in Litecoins. You need a litecoin wallet if you want to join this ad network. Ads-LTC is a CPM based advertising network so you will paid for views rather than for clicks. They claim to maximize your earnings by showing relevant and profitable ads to your visitors.

Though, this ad network is a CPM based advertising network but it pays you for unique clicks only. If you have raw traffic then you may not get paid for them.

The good thing about this ad network is, they make instant payments and their minimum payout limit is also low. Their minimum payout limit is $0.0001 only. They make payouts directly to your Litecoin wallets. Also, they do not offer any referral program so you can’t make any extra bucks by inviting your friends and colleagues to this ad networks.

If you are an advertiser and looking to advertise your products and services to good quality traffic then you can give a try to this ad network. They claim to offer protection against bots. Also, they claim that you pay for real visits only. The best part is, they pay their publishers for unique traffic only, that is, they pay for a unique IP in every 24 hours. This protects you from raw and bot traffic. In addition to that it provides you only quality views to your advertised products.

Their advertising rates are decent. You can contact them for more details regarding their advertising rates.

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Ad Network Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Pop-Up, Direct Links
Minimum Payout:$0.0001
Payment Frequency:Instant
Payment Methods:Litecoin Wallet
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Email:Use Their Contact Form
Website URL:

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