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Ad Networks NewsOn this page you can see the latest news about ad networks. Ad networks make changes everyday, so, this page is created for our visitors to inform them about any major changes made by advertising companies.

Here, we provide news about only those ad networks which are listed in our directory.

Also, we will include some other news like if a network stops paying, facing technical issues, site not opening etc then we will also include it here.

Below you can see the monthly reports of ad networks.


January 2015,

 Network Name News
 Propeller Ads (Update: January 15, 2015)Propeller Ads has launched a new support desk. The main features of their new support desk are:
  • Integrated knowledge base, where you can find answers to common questions regarding their services and illustrated step-by-step tutorials.
  • Completely new Ticketing System, with ability to track your requests statuses and history.
  • Any existing ticket can be easily updated with additional information.
  • Attachments are supported and can be uploaded with your request.
  • Track your support request by clicking a targeted link in notification email.
 Infolinks (Update: January 21, 2015)Infolinks has introduced a new ad format called In-Screen Ads. In-Screen ads are basically interstitial ads, which are shown in between your website pages. These ads appear whenever one of the following trigger is activated:
  • When a visitor enters in your site.
  • When a visitor switches from one page to another page of your site.
  • When a visitor leaves your site by following an external link or by clicking the back button of the browser.

Note: This ad format is currently running in beta phase. (Update: January 25, 2015) is not opening from last 0ne week. It is redirecting to some other domain called Also, their system is not receiving any mails. Whenever we try to mail them a message appears:”Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”

Technical details of permanent failure:
“Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain”

February 2015,

NetworkName News
Linkbucks (Update: February 03, 2015)Linkbucks has discontinued support for locker ads. If you are currently using Linkbucks locker ads for your links then you don’t have to worry much because all your locker links have been automatically converted into Intermission/Interstitial links. No action is required from you, the converted links will continue to work and bring you money
LinkShrink (Update: February 20, 2015)Linkshrink has removed all the non active publishers account, mainly those account to which publishers have never earned any money and they have never logged into their account.

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