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yeesshh-reviewYeesshh is a digital advertising network which provides high quality pop-up and pop-under solutions to publishers and advertisers. It is a network based on advanced bidding system and therefore, it ensures highest profit for both publishers and advertisers.

As a publisher you get highest possible rates on this network as advertisers bid for your ad space and your ad space is sold to the top bidder. Whereas, as an advertiser, you promote your content only on the best ad spaces. This results in higher performance and higher profit for both publishers and advertisers.

Yeesshh prefers quality over quantity and therefore, it picks only the best ads to deliver to its publishers. They check their ads for quality to ensure that only best ads are being delivered to their publishers which they like displaying on their websites.

Their ads are fast loading and compatible to all devices. So, whether you have web or mobile traffic, you can monetize it. Also, it provides 100% fill rate, so, none of your traffic remains unsold. So, you can expect higher revenue from this network.

Apart from its high quality and high paying ads, this network also offers some other great facilities to its affiliates. Some of the facilities offered by Yeesshh are low minimum payout, detailed stats reporting system, easy website approval and great support.

For Advertisers:

Yeesshh is a specialized pop-up/pop-under ad network which has a great reach of worldwide publishers. It delivers millions of web and mobile impressions to advertisers campaigns everyday. It uses CPM advertising model, so, you pay for impressions. Yeesshh works only with publishers having good quality websites. They review each and every website before approving them to display their ads.

Also, it offers various targeting options to advertisers that they can use to display their ads to most suited audience for their campaigns.

In addition to that Yeesshh uses bidding system which further ensures that your ads will be shown only on best ad spaces of top websites. It also provides a great stats reporting system where you can see the performance of your campaigns and optimize them in real time. As far as advertising pricing is concerned, Yeesshh offers genuine rates that you can check on their website.

From Company’s Pen:

“We connect to exclusive private marketplaces, with an impression by impression live buy, based on advanced bidding system. Our predictive bid management updates campaigns on item level. Thousands of adjusted CPC bids are made every second in order to increase your performance.”

Sign Up And Approval:

Yeesshh offers a simple sign up and approval process to publishers. To sign up on it, the all you need is to fill up a simple registration form and submit it. After that you can instantly login to your account and generate xml feeds to display their ads on your website. Since, you submit your website at the time of sign up on their website, so, there’s no need to submit your website again.

Yeesshh accepts both adult and non-adult content websites, so, publishers can monetize their both kind of websites.

Ad Formats:

Since, Yeesshh is a specialized pop-up and pop-under advertising network, so, it offers only pop-up and pop-under ads as its solution to publishers.

Stats Reporting System:

Yeesshh offers a very detailed stats reporting system where you can see feed based, country based and date based stats of your ads. Its stats reporting system shows date, clicks, CTR, revenue, CPC, country, feed id, feed name etc.

Its stats reporting system also offers an export feature that you can use to export your reports in two different formats.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Yeesshh is only 5$.

Payment Frequency:

Yeesshh pays its publishers on Net 30 terms.

Payment Options:

Yeesshh offers multiple payment options to its publishers, which are PayPal, Wire Transfer and Direct Deposit (US).

Referral Program:

Yeesshh doesn’t offer any referral program to its users.

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Yeesshh Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM
Ad Formats: Pop-Up Ads, Pop-Under Ads
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit (US)
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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