Tiered Of Low Earnings From Your Blog ? Fix It Now !

tiered-boyMany bloggers start their blog with a motive of earning some good income out of it and later they find it difficult to earn money from their blog. Are you one of those ?, and you are looking to fix your blog then you are at right place.

First of all i would like to say, earning from a blog is not that difficult task as most people think and give up blogging thinking that its not for them. I am a kind of person who doesn’t give up quickly, when i start something i always try to take it to the next level. Nobody is perfect and nobody come to blogging world with all the knowledge, we learn it by time.

When i started my first blog, it was also difficult for me to earn my first few bucks. Better to say i tried a lot to earn some good income out of my blog, after blogging for few months when i was not getting the good results then i stopped blogging for one or two days to check my strategy and to find out the issues that are needed to be fixed.

The first thoughts that came to my mind when i stopped blogging for rethinking was – ” Was that your Goal ?, Have you achieved your goal ?, Have you started this blog just to end up like that ?” and suddenly a new positive energy came into me, i said to myself ” Man this is not the way to end up things, just give one more try, fix all your mistakes and create a better strategy for future”. And, then i created a totally new strategy, fixed all the issues, and now i am enjoying blogging.

It is not only giving me monthly income but a kind of satisfaction too because i did it, still i have many more goals to achieve but at the moment i am on a stage where i feel satisfied with my blogs. So, i always say to all the bloggers, not to give up and rethink your strategy.

So, today in this article i will describe you how you can fix your blog, how to create better strategy for your blog, How to fully optimize your current traffic, How to get additional traffic to your blog, and finally how to make a good income from your blog.

Below are the few steps that you can take to fix your bog quickly:

Understand The Niche And Potential Of Your Blog:

This is the first thing to check, check whether you are justifying your niche. Are you making your visitors satisfied ?, Are you utilizing all parts of your blog in terms of monetization ?. If not, then fix it.

Lets take this blog as an example, and check each and everything here and try to figure out how i am making money from it. Okay if you have checked it, so, lets continue to our to main topic.

Let me tell you my strategy here, my blog niche is about “ad networks review“. So, here you can see most of the post on this blog are ad networks review, this makes people know that this is a website where we will get reviews of ad network as well as we will get new ad networks list. In short, i just want to say this blog is justifying its niche.

My blog’s niche attracts all publishers, advertisers, as well as ad networks, as a publisher and an advertiser, you can find here- ad networks of your choice, read users reviews, see payment proofs, and news about ad networks etc. And, as an ad network, you will like to list your ad network here to promote it.

So, how i earn money from this blog ? (Whether i am utilizing each portion of my blog or not)

Advertisements: I sell advertisement spots on this blog, which makes me a fix monthly income.

From referrals: Since i review ad networks here and many ad networks offer referral program, so, i get some referrals here which earn me some good income.

Paid Reviews: Many ad networks like to be listed here and therefore they ask us to write reviews about their ad network. We charge little fees to list their ad network on our list.

The purpose of telling all these stuff is that, i want you to utilize each and every portion of your blog. After all we all want money from our blog.

Check Whether Your Articles Are Appealing Or Not:

This is the second most important thing, recheck your articles, whether they are getting traffic from search engines or not, whether your visitors are liking them or not.

Try to create unique article, if not unique then you can try rehashing but try to avoid copying others content because it will not help you in anyway. Try creating attractive titles for your posts, in simple words, simply present content in a way that people will love reading your stuffs.

Always try to create long articles, express as much as you can. The purpose is to impress your visitors. The more time they will spend on your blog the better your earnings will be. Also, long article rank better in search results (what i believe, some may not agree with me but it is what i think).

Interlink Your Articles To Improve Your Earnings:

Interlinking of articles is also one of the most important thing as it make people spend more time on your blog. Remember one thing the more time people spend on your blog, the more you will earn. So, always try to keep your visitors engaged in your blog.

You can use various widgets for doing this like popular post widget, recent posts widget, related posts widget etc. Interlinking can also improve your blog’s ranking by reducing its bounce rate.

You can even earn some additional income as well as some additional visitors for your blog by using third party related posts widgets.

Do Not Add Any Bad Script To Your Blog:

Try to avoid any kind of bad or intrusive script on your blog. Focus on building more regular visitors for your blog. If you use too many annoying script just for pennies then it may cost you your regular visitors, and visitors are the key to success for any blog.

I have encountered such a bad blogs where they use scripts that even charge people who are surfing that particular website from mobile devices, especially in case of mp3 or video downloading websites.

So, always be selective while choosing ad networks for your blog, only use those ad networks that work good for you and don’t annoy your visitors.

Make Your Blog A Brand Name:

Always try to present your blog as a brand, try to maintain its quality. Never mislead your visitors because people trust you.

Branding is another very important thing that most people forget to focus on. Take this blog as an example, so far, i have not promoted this blog as a brand, i was waiting for it to gain some reputation, also i wanted to collect some payment proofs that i can share with my visitors.

Now, i am ready to promote this blog as brand, and i am focusing on branding it. I have planned to make it a popular brand in the field of ad networks directory by the end of next year.

So, i will say everybody to present their blog as a brand and never compromise with the quality of the blog.

Socialize Your Blog:

Always maintain social fan pages for your blogs and keep sharing your articles and experiences on social pages. This can get you additional visitors which will finally lead to more money for you.

Another thing, if you regularly share your stuffs on social networks then not only you will get additional traffic but also you will get regular visitors for your blog.

Along with the social networks try to promote your blog on top forums as there your blog not only get more online presence but also there you can meet many advertisers that can sell you their affiliate links, which will result in more earnings for you.

Regularly Update Your Blog:

Regularly updating a blog is much needed thing, people love visiting the blogs that update on a regular basis. Make a habit of publishing one article per day at least, and if your blog is new then i would say it will be better to publish 2-3 articles per day for an entire year.

This will make your blog popular and your blog will start giving you regular income. Always remember blogging is not a one day task, it needs efforts initially before you actually start getting fruits from it.

Consider blogging as a tree, which initially needs care but when it grows up, it gives you fruits in bulk. Always try to grow tree that can give you fruit, what i mean here is, build a high quality website that can generate you income for long run.

For earning money from a blog you are not required to be a professional blogger, the all you need is punctuality. So, regularly update your blog to improve your earnings.

Use Affiliate Links To Boost Up Your Earnings:

You cannot totally rely on ad networks if you don’t have sufficient amount of traffic. The all you need is to select the best affiliate programs that suit your blog. Today there are many CPA ad networks, which provide affiliate links for almost all kind of blogs. So, it’s never been difficult task to sell affiliate links.

Initially you will find it little difficult but once you will start earning some money then you will love to use affiliate links on your blog. But make sure not to use too many affiliate links, just focus on selecting the best programs to promote.

Sponsored Reviews:

Advertisers love promoting their product on high quality websites rather than on high traffic blogs that cannot generate them leads. They always look for targeted traffic, so, if your blog is good enough then advertisers will love to promote their stuffs on your blog.

These are the few things that can improve your earnings, so far, its working for me and i hope it will work for you too.

Happy Earnings 🙂

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