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PopEarn is a pop under & pop up ad network founded in 2015 and headquartered in France, Paris. They provide a marketplace for publishers and advertisers to buy and deliver pop-under and popup traffic, on a large scale.

Their system helps publishers monetize their websites, blogs and forums, and offer to advertisers a platform to reach a new audience and sell and promote their products.

In order to maximize publishers’ revenue and give maximum exposure to advertisers, PopEarn delivers a wide range of campaigns for any OS (desktop & mobile) and any part of the world. Advertisers can also filter their campaign in order to reach the right audience and increase their conversion rate.

The network being based on an auction model, advertisers can also choose how much they are willing to pay for one view, and how much they wish to spend on a daily basis, giving them full authority over their campaigns.

Here are the main services that PopEarn offers to publishers:

  • Weekly payments.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount of only 10$.
  • Malware-free ads.
  • Submitted websites are reviewed very fast.
  • Real-time stats.
  • Pay for worldwide traffic.
  • Fast support.

Here are the main services that PopEarn offers to advertisers:

  • Quality traffic from quality publishers (anti-bot system).
  • Campaign filtering options (OS, country, category).
  • Minimum deposit of only $5.
  • Quick campaign approval.
  • Adult and non-adult campaigns accepted.
  • Real-time detailed report.
  • Easy-to-use administration interface.


PopEarn allows all kind of websites / blogs / forums of any category, with high or low traffic, adult or non-adult contents. However, they do not allow websites with malwares, viruses, illegal content, hateful content, blogspots or any other site for which the publisher doesn’t own the domain. Also, the approval is very quick (usually few hours only).


PopEarn rates are fully dynamic and depend on the traffic quality (Geo, category…). And as advertisers work on bidding system, publishers are assured to get the highest rate possible.


Since, PopEarn is a specialized pop under advertising network, so, it offers only pop under ads as its solution to publishers.


PopEarn offers real-time stats reporting to their publishers and advertisers. The filtering system is also very good and comprehensive giving to users all the filters they need to get detailed data. They can easily filter their stats according to countries, OS…


PopEarn offers a minimum payout of only $10.


To allow publishers to get their money fast, PopEarn offers weekly payments after requests.


Currently PopEarn offers only PayPal as its only payment option.


PopEarn referral program offer 10% lifetime revshare on every withdrawals, but also on every deposits made by referred members.


They sent me payment within 2 days of request, so, you can understand they are quick in processing payments.

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PopEarn Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Pop Under, Pop Up
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Methods: PayPal (more payment options will be added soon)
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% commission (on every deposits and withdrawals)
Email: office@popearn.com
Website URL: http://popearn.com

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