paytm-mat-karoFirst of all i would like to say sorry to all my regular visitors for posting this article here but i am forced to do this because i want to show the real face of this big name company so that people can avoid such a situation like i am facing at the moment.

Since, i review ad networks here and tell users whether to use it or not, so, i believe i can post this article here.


To those who don’t know about Paytm, let me tell you what PAYTM is ?.

PAYTM is a website where you can recharge your mobiles, DTH, Data Cards etc. But now it has converted into a complete eCommerce website where you can purchase other products and services.

So, What i am going to discuss in this article ?

In this article i will tell you about my issue with PAYTM, current status of issue, and what are my future steps regarding my issue.

What is the issue ?

I usually use Paytm to recharge my mobile nothing more than that. On 23rd of October 2015, i opened their mobile website on my cell phone and recharged my idea number with 50 Rs, but in addition to that some how, either by my mistake or an error by their system a weight loss app has been added to my cart. Since, recharge is a two click process there i paid the funds thinking i am paying only 50 rs. I didn’t check it properly, i do accept that is my mistake. They charged me 3049 Rs. Still i was not aware that they have charged me 3049 rs (50$ approx)  instead of 50 rs.

The very next day i checked my net banking account and found something unusual there. I saw that Paytm has charged me additional 2999 rs, so, i logged into my paytm account and checked it. It was a 4 week weight loss plan and it was showing a delivered status. I thought it would be a physical product (because they did not mention it properly) and how it could be delivered so fast. So, i contacted them via mail regarding refunds, with the big promises and assurances they give on the front page of their website i thought its a small matter for them and they will refund me, so, i didn’t take it seriously.

First their customer care representative replied me in 24 hours and asked my card’s first 6 and last four digits to check out the issue. After that he again replied me after 24 hours that you have purchased a weight loss plan (kinda i never knew it lol, he did not mention, what it is, a product, an app or a coupon) and since, it is delivered we can’t refund you.

Then i again logged in to my Paytm account and checked the product properly and found that its an app which should be downloaded from the merchant’s website by following some redeem steps. Also, i found that THERE’S NO NAME OF CUSTOMER ON THEIR INVOICE (Is this not a sign of Fraud ?).

I contacted him back telling that since its an app and still i have not downloaded it yet, so, how you can show a delivered status, ask the merchant about when i visited their website to download the product, when i logged in to their website with Paytm account id and password to download the app. They should maintain a proper system. I am including my mail here so you can better understand the issue and the points that i raised.

Okay, so i have finally figured out the issue on my own. The product that your company has added to my account isn’t a physical product, it is an app but even if it is an app i have never ordered it and may be it was mistakenly added to my cart or through an error from your system. And i am wondering how it is showing delivered status when i have never downloaded it from the merchant’s website. To download that app i have to log in to their website using Paytm account which i never did. So, kindly ask the merchant to provide my login and download details like my IP address, the time i logged in to their website, when i downloaded the app from their website. Since i have not ordered the product and haven’t downloaded it yet plus, since, they are falsely showing the delivered status i believe your company can refund my money.

Few other things that i would like to say.

Even if i have mistakenly ordered the product i believe its totally not my fault. I have strong reasons for that:

1. Your mobile website loads slow (i have recharged my mobile from my mobile browser that day)

2. Every time i try to visit Paytm my browser shows security issue with your website. I am adding a screenshot with the mail so that you can check it out.

3. Why your website scrolls too many products around the users area, which increases the chances of mistakes by user.

Few more things to note, which are annoying me:

1. Your customer care number is of no use. Every time i dial it, no customer care representative answers only machine answers the recorded messages. It says to check this visit website, to check that visit website. So, if we have to visit your website for everything then why you maintain a customer care number. Is it to charge us only ?

2. Your website’s front page says 24X7 care which i don’t think is true, with such a customer care number where no representative is available. Paytm Trust : “Your money is yours! All refunds come with no question asked guarantee.” 100% assurance : At Paytm, we provide 100% assurance. If you have any issue, your money is immediately refunded. Sit back and enjoy your shopping. Now what about immediate refund and 100% assurance ????. I am feeling cheated at the moment.

Sorry for my harsh tone but i am frustrated.

You can understand my situation, how would you feel when somebody cut your pocket for nothing. We earn money through efforts and your company should respect that.

If you cannot solve my issue, please provide me the number/email of your senior authority or top grievance management officer. I hope to hear from you soon.
Screenshot of security warning

Screenshot of security warning

After that their customer care representative is not replying to me. I waited for two days for his reply. After that i sent them few more mails asking only to reply but got no response.

Then i decided to go to their Facebook fan page, i contacted them via message and commented on few of their post. Finally a representative responded to my message and assured me that my issue will be solved quickly, he asked my ticket id, i gave him my ticket id along with my email address. He replied me next day that our customer care representative has mailed you regarding your problem but i had not received any mail.

I contacted him back confirming that i have not received any mail and if you can provide me a top grievance management officer’s number or email then please provide me. He said we are solving your issue be patient but so far no reply from them.

I think they do not maintain any proper grievance management system. Neither the representative on mail responding, nor the representative on Facebook giving me top officers number, and what to say about their customer care number, it is to charge only😂

Current Status Of My Issue ?

So far only their Facebook representative is replying but it doesn’t seems to be working. Their email representatives are still not replying. I think they want to fetch the issue long so that i would say, ahh leave it man !. May be this is the way they deal all matters😂. I have read many comments on their Facebook page people complaining this that they take your matter too long that you are forced to forget your money.


I got the reply from him after asking him, i don’t think he wanted to reply me at all. What he said is “Hi Amit, We’ve read all your post and blog- found that you’ve selected the coupons, not the product while proceeding for recharge and the amount was deducted as your consent so it was a fault from your side. please use that coupons as per your will. We’re unable to do anything in it, as it was a successful transaction.Thanks!”

And the other thing, i think i have given more respect to their Facebook representative. Let me back up my words why i am saying this, during these days i have noticed that he only gives assurance after assurance and when you become little lazy or inactive on their fan page then he quickly removes your comment so that no body can see the truth. I am happy to see that they are at least active in anything 😉 . It doesn’t matter if they are active in deleting users comments.

Don’t believe me ?, just visit their Facebook fan page and see how many issues they have resolved. I am damn sure, you will hardly find any such link. And one more thing, if you find any link where they are saying the issue is resolved then make sure to check whether the customer has replied to it or not. If not then don’t believe them.

The Future Steps That I Am Thinking To Take:

  • If i will not get a proper response from them i will contact them on their all fan pages, i believe anyone representative will solve my issue. If not then i will take other step.
  • Then i will file complain on grievance forums like,, etc which say to sort out your issue. If still they will not reply.
  • I will ask my other blogger friends to give the limelight to my issue and to share it on their social fan pages. Lets check how long they do not reply.
  • I will create posts on my fan pages and tag paytm with it so that any of their top management reply to me. Even if still after doing this i will not get a reply 🙁 then i will take my last step.
  • I will file a case against them in consumer court, i am ready to loose some additional money. I just want a proper behavior from this Big Name Company.

Other Purpose Of Creating This Article:

  1. To aware people not to believe in promises and assurance, the size of company doesn’t matter. Though its a first such case with me from a such big name company. The regular users here know that 50 bucks are not a big deal for me because many ad networks scam us by not paying on a regular basis. But, the thing here is, they are not big names like this.
  2. I can’t tell each of their representative the complete issue again and again. So, for our mutual convenience, i have created this article here. I would have created this article on my top site but i don’t want crap there because for this company their reputation doesn’t matter but for me my website’s reputation is everything 😎
  3. Don’t join their affiliate program if they offer in future, later or sooner they will offer their affiliate program, so, its better to avoid. The company that doesn’t reply to its customers, then how you can think that it will reply to its affiliates if they got an issue.

My Recommendations:

  • Try to avoid Paytm because its a kind of Chinese product, as far as its going good its good, the time you face any issue, its a Good bye from Paytm’s side. You have seen an example of their assurance and immediate refunds.
  • If you use it, use it on your own risk. But still i will recommend to take the screenshots of all the things if you got an issue because i own few websites and i know that they can remove your account anytime leaving you with no proofs. So, be cleaver, be smart  😎 while surfing internet. I became little lazy and paid for it.
  • If you want to purchase products then go for a proper eCommerce websites, don’t go for websites which run their eCommerce business on side.

To Paytm Representatives:

As soon as my issue will be resolved i will remove this article from here. I don’t like it here more than you people.

Here is my Ticket number: #113794149


Hey guys, i have found a superb article about Paytm, i thought Paytm is doing only this kind of small frauds with its customer but they are way ahead of my thinking.

Just read the below article and find how this company is fooling innocent people and making millions of rupees. They have even asked the owner of that website to put down the article, so, its highly recommended to read it. Just follow the below link to read the article.

Final Note:

If you want to help me and others then please share this article on social networks. It will not take more than 5 or 10 seconds but it can save many people. I have already installed various share buttons just below the article for your convenience. Thank you in advance for helping us 🙂 , you are such a generous person.

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