How Native Ads Can Benefit Both Publishers And Advertisers ?

how-native-ads-can-benefit-publishers-and-advertisersNative advertising is one of the most innovative and effective advertising format. As you know banner advertising is getting less popular and visitors are not showing much interest in them.

So, advertising companies are innovating new ad formats and publishers are also switching to modern advertising formats. As a result, these companies came with one of the most effective ad formats called native ads.

You may have seen native ads on various news websites, niche websites and social networks. Nowadays, this ad formats is getting more and more popular because it produces results for both publishers and advertisers. You can find various researches on native ads online and they will all show you that native ads are continuously growing and preforming well for publishers and advertisers.

For your convenience, i have added two research links at the end of this article that you can read to find why this ad format is effective and how quickly it is growing.

To those who don’t know much about native ads, i am giving a brief info about it. Others can skip this part and directly move to the benefits of native ads.

What Is Native Advertising ?

There are various definitions available for native advertising but the best one that describes it properly is :-

Native Advertising is a form of advertising where the ad matches the form, function and feel of the platform upon which it appears.

Native ads are different from traditional banner ads as they are non-intrusive and show the ads based on users interest.

These ads include suggested posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. It could also be recommended content on various news, editorial or niche websites. The main focus of these ads is to generate higher user engagement. And, therefore most of the times you find better ads are being served by native advertising networks on publishers websites.

an example of native ads

An Example Of Native Ads From The Bollywood News Page Of A Website

In the above example, you can see the ad network has delivered best native ads based on the content of the page and users interest. Also, these ads are merged well with the website to provide a nice user experience to visitors.


Benefits Of Native Ads For Publishers:

There are various benefits of native ads for publishers:

High User Engagement:

The main benefit that publishers get from native ads is high user engagement. Native ads generate higher user engagement as compared to banner ads. The reason behind generating higher user engagement is simple. Native ads show only those ads that are related to users interest. As in above example, you can see all the ads shown are highly content driven and of users interest.

Also, these ads are easily merge with website design and provide great experience to visitors. So, visitors often click these ads as they are interested in recommended content shown to them. This generates high CTR for publishers which ultimately leads to higher earnings for them.

Most of the native advertising networks offer various customization options to publishers. This help publishers to easily customize their ads as per their website. Some ad networks also offer various categories out of which you can select those categories from which you want to display ads on your website.

I will provide a list of some good native ad networks in the later section of the article, so, you can select the best native ad networks for your website.

Don’t Annoy Website Visitors:

Unlike most of the other ad formats which annoy visitors, native ads bring positive results for publishers without annoying their website visitors. Since, visitors come to website with a mindset of getting a particular content and if you show them irrelevant content then most likely they will leave your website.

As a website owner, our prime focus is to provide best user experience to our website visitors. And, to maintain this we need to provide best content to them. Native Ads work best in this case, as they show the recommended content which are liked by visitors.

These ads are non-intrusive and easily merge with website design. This again helps in providing nice user experience to website visitors.

Native Ads Perform Better On Mobile Devices:

As per a study, Native Ads perform exceptionally well on smartphones and tablets as compared to desktops. The user engagement on mobile devices is almost double of what it gets on desktop. The study shows that native ads get highest CTR on smartphones which is 0.38%. It also get better results on tablets and desktops, where the average CTR is 0.33% and 0.16% respectively. In all three cases, native ads perform better than traditional banner advertising which gets an average CTR of 0.08% only.

Since, technology is continuously growing and we are moving more towards mobile devices as compared to desktop. So, it would be great for you to have a modern ad format on your website which perform better on such devices.

Offer Valuable Content To Website Visitors:

Unlike most of the other ad formats which often show product related ads. Native ads provide solutions to visitors. Visitors on internet usually find solutions of their problems. So, if you use a good native ad network then there’s high possibility that it will show the best recommended content to your visitors that they actually like.

Visitors come to your website to find solutions of their problems, so, if you provide them good content with some valuable links in recommended content then they will surely appreciate your effort. As a reward for your efforts, your visitors will generate higher CTR for you. This will not only help you in generating higher revenue but it will also help you in building better relationship with your visitors.

So, choosing a good native ad network is also a important thing to do.


Benefits Of Native Ads For Advertisers:

There are various benefits of native ads for advertisers:

Native Ads Get More Attention:

After the emergence of social networks and continuously growing internet people have become ignorant to banner advertising. They don’t often respond to banner ads. But, on the other hand native ads get more visitors attention. There are various reasons behind it. The main reasons are, it provides valuable content, easily merge with website design and people like responding to related content.

Also, placements of these ads play vital role in getting higher visitors attention. On news or editorial websites, you may have seen that these ads are displayed at the end of the post. This is usually done to stop people on website by showing them related or best content available on the website. At the end of the post, people are more likely to leave the website, so, that’s the best time to present some great content in front of them.

This ultimately helps visitors to see some sponsored content of their interest. Since, visitors click on the sponsored links because of their interests so there’s also a high possibility of conversions.

Native Ads Generate Higher User Engagement:

Native ads is the one of the best ad format which generate higher user engagement. They generate higher CTR than conventional banner advertising. Since, most of the times ads shown on the publisher’s website are either related to their content or they are of users interest. This results in higher CTR and interest based clicks, which finally result in higher ROI for advertisers.

Native Ads Produce Better Results:

As you know banner ads have become less popular and native ads generate higher CTR. So, it produces better results for advertisers. Also, because native ads merge with the design of websites and provide nice user experience to visitors which help in getting better results for advertisers. People click native ads willingly by considering them the content of publisher’s website or recommended content by the owner of website. This gives the confidence to the visitors and they willingly click ads for getting the quality content of advertisers.

Native Content Get More Shares:

Usually banner ads or other ad formats show ads which look promotional and therefore, people avoid sharing them. But, that’s not the case with native ads, people like informative content and don’t bother to share it if they find it useful for others. This increases visibility of your content and can bring you new potential customers or visitors for you product and services.


Some Best Native Ad Networks:

If you are looking to join a native ad network then you need to find some good networks which can offer good quality ads for your website. The better the quality the higher the engagement of visitors. This will result in higher CTR, great user experience and higher revenue for you.

If the ads offered by a native ad network are not of good quality then there’s no worth of joining such network. So, you need to be very selective while selecting a native ad network for yourself.

Since, my website niche is about ad networks, so, i have picked some great native ad networks for you that you can join to earn a decent income. So, here’s a list of some best native ad networks:


Payclick is one of my favorite native ad networks as it offers good quality ads and premium service to publishers. The minimum payout on this network is low and it offers multiple payment options. It doesn’t have very hard requirements for publishers, so, even small publishers can join this network. You can read full review of this network on our website. I have provided all necessary details about this network on its review page.

I have already got a couple of payments from this network that you can check on its review page.



Spoutable is a very innovative ad network. It provides various great solutions to publishers. One of its solution is native ads. The native ads offered by this network are of high quality and provide nice user experience. With this network you can fully monetize your website with one of the most innovative ad formats. So, if you are looking for a complete solution to monetize your website then you can give a try to this network.

It also doesn’t have very high publisher’s requirements, so, all level publishers can join it. You can read its complete review on our website.


Native Ad Networks With High Traffic Requirements:

Below mentioned native ad networks are also premium ad networks but they have high traffic requirements. Publishers with high and average traffic can apply to join these networks.


Earnify is premium native ad network which provides two types of ad widgets to publishers. One is ‘Standard Native Ads’ widget that you usually see on various websites. The other one is, Exit Overlay Ad Widget, this ad widget is basically developed to monetize your leaving traffic. Whenever a visitor tries to leave your website these ads are shown to them to earn you some income from them.

These exit overlay ads work great for publishers and help them in generating extra revenue from their website.

Earnify shares 80% revenue with publishers and provides them high paying ads for all regions. They have 2700+ worldwide advertisers who let them provide 100% fill rate to publishers. This network has a low minimum payout of only 20$, so, you can easily withdraw their earnings by reaching this small total. They pay their publishers on Net 30 terms.

As far as stats reporting is concerned their advanced stats reporting system provides in-depth stats to publishers. Also, their stats reporting system shows stats in real time which help publishers to quickly optimize their ads for best performance. After all their main aim is to provide best deal to publishers. So, if you are looking for a premium native ad network which can offer you high CPM rates then you can give a try to this network.



Revcontent is one of the very popular native advertising network. It provides high quality native solutions to publishers. Though, this network is popular but it has high publisher requirements. It requires high quantity and high quality of traffic from publishers, so, if you have a good high traffic website then you can apply to join this network. It has high disapproval rate. This network disapproves almost 98% of publishers applications. So, make sure to check your website twice for quality and quantity of traffic.




Outbrain is one of the most popular native advertising network. It is a network for premium publishers. In more simple words it is a network for large publishers. So, if you have a high traffic website then you can apply to join this network. Since, it is a premium ad network, so, it provides high quality services to publishers. But, again its not a network for average or low traffic website. So, apply only if you have a quality website with good quantity of traffic.



Taboola is also one the very popular native ad network which offers premium services to publishers. It also provides high quality ads which provide great user experience. But, similar to above two networks it also requires high traffic from publishers. So, if you have a high traffic website then you can apply to join this network.


If all the above mentioned native ad networks don’t accept your website then there’s no need to worry. On our website there are lots of other native ad networks that you can join to earn a good revenue from your website.

Research Links:

Final Words:

In this article i have tried to discuss everything about native advertising networks. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

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