LinkPaid Vs Ouo – Comparison

linkpaid vs ouo comparisonLinkPaid and Ouo are two paid URL shortener services which provide users an opportunity to earn money by sharing their shorten links. Popularity wise Ouo is very popular whereas as Linkpaid is new as compared to Ouo and hence it is less popular.

By the looks, both of the websites look very professional and provide easy user interface.

If we compare their offered rates then LinkPaid offers high rates for few countries whereas Ouo offers decent rates for these top countries but if we consider all countries then Ouo offers better rates for all other countries as compared to LinkPaid. However, these rates change on daily basis, so, its better to check them before joining any ad network.

In terms of tools, LinkPaid is little ahead of Ouo as it offers one additional API tool, where Ouo offers only Mass Shrinker, Full page script, and easy link.

Both LinkPaid and Ouo offer low minimum, but LinkPaid’s minimum payout is bit low as compared to Ouo. The minimum payout on LinkPaid is only 1$, whereas it is 5$ on Ouo.

LinkPaid has better payment frequency as compared to Ouo. LinkPaid process payments on daily basis whereas Ouo pays its users on bi-weekly basis on 1st and 15th of every month.

Both LinkPaid and Ouo offer similar referral program, where you get 20% referral commission for lifetime for referring your friends and colleagues to their services.

Both of these services offers only PayPal as their primary payment option, however, in case of LinkPaid you can request them to pay you on other payment options.

If we consider their support then LinkPaid offers better support as compared to Ouo. LinkPaid provides easy multiple contact options whereas on Ouo you can contact them via email only.

Comparison Table:

Network Name: LinkPaid Ouo
Network Type: CPM, CPC CPM, CPC
Popularity: Low High
Website Design: Professional Professional
User Interface: Good Good
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads Interstitial Ads
Tools Offered: Multiple Shrinker, Full Page Script, Easy Link, API Mass Shrinker, Quick Link, Full Page Script
Minimum Payout: 1$ 5$
Payment Frequency: Daily Biweekly
Payment Options: PayPal (You can contact them to pay via different options) PayPal, Payza
Referral Program: Yes, 20% commission Yes, 20% commission
Support Options: Email, Skype, Facebook Email
Support Email:
Website URL:


Both LinkPaid and Ouo are good websites, LinkPaid is a bit new as compared to Ouo. LinkPaid offers better services but rates are high for few countries and average for most, whereas Ouo’s services are good but it offers decent rates for all countries.

So, its up to you whether to go with a popular one or to go with a service which is offering better services. I have used both of them and found both of them satisfactory. Both of these websites pay on time.

Have you used anyone of them or both, i would love to hear your experience 🙂

Keep reviewing ad networks and help us in providing better reviews to our users.


Linkpaid is not paying anymore, whereas Ouo is running perfectly. It has even sorted out its PayPal issue and now publishers can request their payments on PayPal too.

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