How To Earn Money With URL Shortener ?

How to earn money with URL shortenerGenerally we use URL shortener websites to short our long ugly looking URLs but when it comes to earn money with these URL shorteners then i love these sites.

URL shortener websites provide opportunity to everyone to earn some money through them. I like URL shortener websites because these sites provide earning opportunity to everyone, even to the newbies who want to earn money online.

Unlike other ad networks, URL shortener websites don’t require a website to earn money through them. The all you need is to short your link with their link shortener tool and start earning money just by sharing your shorten links on various websites, forums or anywhere over the internet.

So, if you are a newbie who is looking to make money online then you are at a right place. Just read this article and start earning money from today. In this article i will describe you, how to short your link and then where to share it to earn money. But before we start lets discuss, Why URL shorteners pay its users? Or How paid URL shorteners work ? and also about the types of URL shorteners.

Basically URL shortener websites pay you for showing their sponsors ads to your link users that is, to the people who click your link.

For Example: Suppose you have a link/URL of a YouTube video and you short it with a paid URL shortener and after that you shared that link on Facebook. So, whenever a person clicks on that shorten link then he/she will be first shown a 5 second advertisement before he/she will be redirected to the destination page that is your YouTube video page.

Types Of URL Shorteners:

Basically there are two types of URL shorteners:

  • CPM Model Based URL Shorteners.
  • CPA Model Based URL Shorteners.

CPM Model Based URL Shorteners:

CPM model based URL shorteners pay its users just for showing an advertisement to the visitors.

For Example: You shorted a link with any CPM based URL shortener and shared it on a website and when people click on it then they will be shown an advertisement before they will be redirected to the destination page. That means they pay you just for showing their sponsors ads to visitors.

CPA Model Based URL Shorteners:

Unlike CPM model based URL shortener CPA model based URL shorteners don’t pay its user for only showing their sponsors ads instead their ads ask for an activity or action to be completed by your visitor to get paid.

For Example: You shortened and shared a link and when people click your link then they will be shown ad like CPM based URL shorteners but these ads ask visitors to complete a task like registering on a particular website, purchase any goods and services, download a file, fill up a survey etc to reach the destination page. If visitor completes a task only then he/she will be redirected to the destination page otherwise the page will remain locked and that is the reason why they are also called as Link Lockers.

CPA based shorteners are good for those users who have a file, software etc to be shared that people desperately want. Usually CPA based URL shorteners pay much higher as compared to CPM Based Shorteners.

How To Short A Link/URL ?


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  • Copy any URL of your choice, For example: here i am copying a URL of my post “”.
  • Now visit any paid URL shortener site like Ouo,, LinkShrink etc.
  • Here i am using to short my link.
  • Now paste your copied link in Shorte’s URL shortener tool.

Note: If you do not find any shortening tool on the homepage of these websites then don’t panic and simply register an account and you will get a shortening tool inside your account. Creating an account on URL shortener website is easy and will not take more than two minutes.

  • Then click on “Shorten” tab to short the link.
  • Now you can see your shorten link.
  • Copy the shorten link and share it any where on the internet such as on Facebook, Twitter, forums, websites etc. to earn money.
  • I would recommend better to create a free blog/website and share your links on your own website. Creating a free blog is easy, you can read the below articles to create a free blog and learn how to make money from your blog using URL shorteners.

Some useful links:

  • How to create a free blog ?
  • How earn money from your blog using URL shortener ?

An Example Of A Shortened Link:

Simply copy and paste the above link in your browser’s address bar to see how it works.


  • You must register on these sites to earn money otherwise you will not be earning any money from them.
  • Nowadays Facebook, Twitter don’t like such paid shorten links and consider them as SPAM, so, please do a healthy search on Google, whether to share paid shorten links on Facebook, Twitter or not.

Final Words:

Now i think i have described enough about URL shorteners, so, start earning from today. And, don’t forget to take a look of some useful links given below.

Happy Earnings 🙂

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