How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog or Website ?

trafficWe create blogs or websites to show our creativity and share our knowledge with others. Traffic is the backbone of a website and if your website doesn’t get traffic then all your effort and knowledge that you want to share with others is of no use.

Traffic decides the success of a website and shows that whether people like your creativity or not. We give our best efforts to provide quality content and therefore, we want our articles to be viewed by some good quantity of traffic.

Driving traffic to a website is not a very big deal, anyone who has little knowledge can drive good traffic to his/her website. For getting traffic, the all you need is to be smart and use a proper strategy to promote your content. If you use a proper strategy then you can drive some good traffic to your website that can help you in various ways.

Traffic helps us in various ways:

  • If your website gets good traffic then you can share your knowledge with large number of people.
  • You can put your point with others.
  • Traffic shows the popularity of website and website owner.
  • It gives you an online presence.
  • Last and most important, good amount of traffic can earn you a good income.

If you are getting a good amount of traffic, or you know how to drive traffic to your website then you don’t have to worry about anything. Otherwise, if your website doesn’t get much traffic then you can focus on the below mentioned points to drive traffic to your site.

Write Unique Articles:

This is the point you might have heard from other bloggers too. Writing a unique article will always get you more traffic than just rehashing or copying others content.

If you don’t know about rehashing then let me tell you, rehashing is writing the similar articles in your own language that are already present on internet. So, if you rehash articles then you may not get good traffic, if your article is really creative and has some different points then it may rank higher in search results and drive you some good traffic.

But for rehashing you should have to be very creative and must provide knowledgeable high quality content.

Other thing that most of the new bloggers do is that they just copy others content and paste it on their site. Copying others content will never going to help you in anyway. Neither your article will rank high in search results nor it will get any traffic, instead it will make your website a low quality website.

Search engine algorithms like Google’s Panda Algorithm which checks quality of a website assigns low quality rank to websites which have excessive duplicate or copied content. This low quality rank will make it difficult for your website to rank high in search results.

So, always try to write unique articles. There are following steps that you can follow to write good articles:

  • Write such articles for which people are looking but they are not available on internet. You can do some research on internet based on your site’s niche and find problems for which people are looking. If you write such unique articles then you will definitely get some good traffic.
  • Second and most important thing, write high quality articles. Write articles in a way that people like reading them. Check your articles for grammatical errors and provide valuable information in your articles. If your articles do not contain valuable content or they are full of grammatical errors then most probably people will leave your website quickly that will increase the bounce rate on your website, which is not good for your website. If your website has high bounce rate then you can read my other article to fix it ” How to engage visitors to your blog/website ?”.
  • Include necessary images, graphs, screenshots etc in your articles. These things will make your articles more attractive, show visitors that you have researched about the topic and also, help you in getting some traffic from image searches. But, if you like using too many images then always compress them before uploading them to your website because too many images can slow down your website, which may down your ranking in search results as well as you could loose your valuable regular visitors as visitors don’t like slow loading sites. So, if you want to run a speed test for your website then you can read my other article that i have specially created for this website speed issues.
  • How To Test Your Website Speed ?

Below are some other interesting articles on similar topic that will help you further on improving your site in terms of speed and quality:

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Write Lengthy Articles:

You may not like this point but i have seen that lengthy articles rank good in search results. You can write short articles if they provide valuable content but you cannot write very thin articles, which means you cannot write articles with 3-4 lines only.

So, always try to write articles that contain at least 700-800 words. Google always look for the articles with good content length and it doesn’t index very thin articles, so, its always better to write articles with good length.

Create Attractive Titles:

Try to create attractive titles for your articles. Attractive titles always gain visitors attention. Creating attractive titles not only get you some additional visitors from search engines but it can also help you to increase the number of page views on your website.

If you place widgets like recent posts, popular posts, related posts, news tickers etc on your website and all of your articles have attractive titles then it can increase your number of page views and hence, it will reduce bounce rate of your website.

Always try to create short and attractive titles, i am saying short titles because in search engines search results they only show few words of a post title, so, if your title is short then search engines will show your full post title and it may help visitors to select your website out of others.

Share Your Articles On Social Networks:

Today social networks are great source of traffic, so, you can use them to drive traffic to your website. The all you need is to share them on social networks. You can maintain a fan page for your website on social networks, or if you have too many friends then you can share your articles with them.

I have seen some websites getting 80% of their traffic only from the social networks. So, if you can maintain a fan page, or just share your articles with your friends and followers then you can get huge traffic from social networks. Also, never forget to place a social sharing widget on your website because visitors like sharing information on social networks.

You can also write some lines like “if you have liked this article then please share it on social networks, we need your support” to ask your visitors to share your posts on social networks. This can also boost up your website’s traffic.

Write Guest Posts:

Write guest posts on others websites to increase traffic of your website. Guest blogging is an effective way to drive traffic as well as improving Google Pagerank.

Guest blogging not only gives you valuable back-links but also generate good traffic for your website. Always look for high quality sites that have high Alexa as well as high Google page-rank, these ranks show that the site gets some good traffic and is a good quality website.

So, if you get a back link from such a website then it will not only improve your rankings but it will also get you some additional traffic to your website. There are some hand picked articles that will help you further in this matter.

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So, these are some basic steps to drive traffic to your website. I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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