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global-ad-mediaGlobal Ad Media is a new CPM based pop-under advertising network. Though, Global Ad Media is new but it claims to provide the best possible rates to publishers. It offers best CPM rates for quality traffic.

On Global Ad Media, all level publishers can apply to join it as there is no minimum traffic requirement and they also do not have strict terms. If you have a good quality non-adult content website then you can apply to join this ad network. Global Ad Media is open to worldwide publishers so it doesn’t matter where you live or from where your traffic comes. If you have a good quality website even with low or average traffic then you join this ad network to monetize your website.

Global Ad Media has kept everything simple and it tries to provide the best service to its users. For publishers, it has kept the minimum payout as low as 5$ and it pays on daily and net 15 terms. Global Ad Media ensures its users to provide best support in the industry and therefore they provide multiple contact options to users.

Sign Up And Approval:

Creating an account on Global Ad Media is very simple. For this, you just need to fill up a simple registration form and submit it. After submitting your form, you can instantly login to your account as there is no email verification or account activation required.

Inside your account, you need submit your website before you can generate ad tags. As soon as you submit your website, you can generate ad tags instantly. Any kind of approval is not required on Global Ads Media. All websites on Global Ad Media are auto-approved, however, your website must comply with their terms.

Ad Formats:

Since, Global Ad Media is a specialized pop-under ad network, so, it offers only pop-under ads as its solution to publishers.

Stats Reporting System:

Global Ad Media offers a very detailed stats reporting system which features multiple filters. On Global Ad Media’s stats reporting system you can see website based reports. Its reporting system shows total available balance, website name, date, daily impressions, publisher’s earnings, impression type, total impressions, verified impressions, unverified impressions, countries etc.

It offers various filters like impressions, country, logs, SubId, time period etc that you can use to generate specific reports for easy analysis.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Global Ad Media is only 5$.

Payment Frequency:

Global Ad Media pays its publishers on Daily and Net 15 terms.

Payment Options:

The payment options offered by Global Ad Media are PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

Referral Program:

Global Ad Media offers a 10% referral commission program to its users.

Note: Global Ad Media is a brand new ad network and it is still in beta phase. It will be fully launched by the end of this week. So, you may not find the referral link inside your account. As per my latest communication with them, they are still working on various factors of their website and it will be fully launched within a week.

Thinking Of Joining Global Ad Media ?

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Global Ad Media Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM
Ad Formats: Pop-Under Ads
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Frequency: Daily, Net 15
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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