Fidelity Media Review

Fidelity Media ReviewFidelity Media is a managed brand safe advertising network which was established in 2007. It has a long term experience in online advertising and by the time it was started, it is offering wide range of first class services to its web publishers, app developers, advertisers, marketers, brands and agencies.

Fidelity Media not only offers its services for publishers and app developers but it also offers special services to high traffic websites, publisher networks and site aggregators, which include special payments and different revenue share terms.

Fidelity Media is a complete solution for publishers. With Fidelity Media, publishers can effectively monetize their websites as well as mobile traffic. They provide Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and iOS to app developers that they can use to place ads within their apps.

Fidelity Media also offers mobile tags that publishers can use to monetize their mobile traffic.

Requirements And Restrictions:

  • Publisher’s website must receive 10,000 monthly impressions. However, they do accept sites with less impressions if they meet their quality guidelines.
  • Minimum 20% of website traffic should be mostly from US, UK, CA, AU and European countries, or your website should deliver such volume to Fidelity Media ad network, using own ad serving solution.
  • Publisher’s website should contain unique and frequently updated content.
  • Publisher’s site should look professional and offer simple and convenient user interface.
  • Publisher’s site must contain Privacy Policy and Contact Us page.


  • Sites with pornographic material, adult content, or mature content including thinly censored nudity, malwares, virus, Trojans etc are strictly prohibited on Fidelity Media.
  • Sites that promote illegal activities, excessive profanity or violence, discrimination are also prohibited to use Fidelity Media Services.

Sign Up And Approval:

Fidelity Media provides a very long registration form that asks each and every details about you and your site. Once you fill up and submit your registration form then you will receive an automated mail that says that your website is under review and it may take several days to approve your site.

Their registration form doesn’t ask any password, so, you cannot log in to your account instantly after submitting your registration form. They take up to 3-4 days to approve/disapprove a website and once your website is approved then you can log in to your account and start using their services.

Ad Formats:

Fidelity Media offers various different ad formats to its publishers that they can use on their site to earn a healthy revenue. The ad formats offered by Fidelity Media are Banner ads, Video Ads, Text Ads (text cloud), Pop Under and Mobile Ads.

Reporting System:

Fidelity Media offers a good reporting system that shows real-time stats and it offers advance filtering options to analyze your reports. On Fidelity Media’s reporting system you can see stats for your separate ad campaigns.

Minimum Payout:

On Fidelity Media, minimum payout is low, which is just 5$.

Payment Frequency:

Fidelity Media pays its publishers on Net 45 terms.

Payment Options:

Fidelity Media offers three payment options to its publishers but they have some different terms. For payments from 5$-500$, you can cash-out them through PayPal and Check whereas to cash-out payments that are above 500$,  you can use Bank Wire or Check to withdraw them.

Referral Program:

Fidelity Media’s referral program is not a very attractive one and is different from other ad networks where they pay some % commission on referrals earnings.

On Fidelity Media, for referring a publisher to Fidelity Media you will get 5$ in your account but there are some conditions before they pay you the 5$.

The following terms and conditions are:

  • The referred publisher’s website must be approved by their staff.
  • The referred publisher must have active status.
  • The referred publisher must stay active for a minimum of 30 days.
  • The referred publisher must deliver at least 10,000 banner impressions for the period of its activity.

Thinking Of Joining Fidelity Media ?

Sign Up NowFidelity Media Details At A Glance:

Network Type:  CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:  Banner, Video, Text and Mobile Ads
Minimum Payout:  5$
Payment Frequency:  Net 45
Payment Methods:  PayPal, Check, Bank Wire
Network Popularity:  High
  • Publisher’s website must receive 10000 monthly impressions.
  • Minimum 20% of website traffic should be mostly from US, UK, CA, AU and European countries, or your website should deliver such volume to Fidelity Media ad network, using own ad serving solution
Payment Proof:  Coming Soon
Website URL:

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