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adskeeper-reviewAdsKeeper is a native advertising network with which publishers can monetize their websites by simply displaying native ads. Native advertising is getting popular nowadays and is one of the most effective advertising format. With native advertising, you don’t need to worry about your ad spaces as these ads are in the form of recommended content that you can display below your posts. Native ads are highly effective for blogs and work best for affiliate marketers.

As being a native advertising network AdsKeeper focuses on delivering the best results to both publishers and advertisers. AdsKeeper’s artificial intelligence tracks the behavioral pattern of visitors followed by them on different websites. And, based on those patterns, it serves the best advertisements that increase users engagement resulting high CTR and leads and ultimately higher revenue for publishers.

AdsKeeper’s ads are of high quality and can be customized easily. AdsKeeper offers various customization options that help publishers to customize their native ads as per their websites. AdsKeeper also offers various types of native ads widgets that you can place on various sections of your website.

The different types of native ads widgets offered by AdsKeeper are:

  • Under Article Widget
  • Header Widget
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Exit Pop-Up
  • Media Widget

Here is a screenshot of the widgets customization page:


Adskeeper’s Widgets Customization Page

AdsKeeper likes keeping everything simple. They have a easy to use dashboard, where you can log in to both publishers and advertisers account. The main page of dashboard shows of stats of your ads, your earnings, your websites and provides links to various sections of website. However, AdsKeeper is still in beta phase so you may find some changes in their entire system in upcoming days.

AdsKeeper doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements, so, all level publishers can apply to join it. However, they do review websites before allowing publishers to show ads on their websites.

Sign Up And Approval:

AdsKeeper has simple sign up approval process. To sign up on Adskeeper, you just need to fill up a very short form and submit it. After that you will receive a verification link on your registered email to complete your registration. Once you have verified your email then you will get a password on your registered email to access your account.

Inside your account, you are required to submit your website for approval. While submitting your website, you need to verify your domain ownership by putting their code in the header section of your website.

Once your website is approved then you can generate native ad widget to place it on your website to earn money.

Ad Formats:

Since, AdsKeeper is a native advertising network so it offers only native ads as its solution to publishers. However, there are various different types of native ads widgets available on AdsKeeper.

Stats Reporting System:

AdsKeeper offers a simple but effective stats reporting system which shows all the necessary stats of your ads. Its stats reporting system shows total revenue, retained revenue, last 30 days revenue, and a graph which shows your earnings on daily basis. It also offers various filters to breakdown your reports to better analyze them.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on AdsKeeper is 100$.

Payment Frequency:

AdsKeeper pays its publishers on Net30 terms.

Payment Options:

AdsKeeper pays its publishers via PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

Referral Program:

AdsKeeper doesn’t offer any referral program to its users.

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AdsKeeper Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPC, CPA
Ad Formats: Native Ads, Content Recommendation
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Frequency: Net30
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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